Making Moves

The latest and biggest news is that I have accepted a full-time job at Lovell Communications, as an assistant account executive, in Nashville, Tenn. I will be moving to my new home in exactly 4 weeks! While I am very excited about the new place and the awesome opportunity it presents, it is a little nerve-wracking to leave home. I’ve lived in Georgia for 15 years, in the same house, minus the four years at school, so this will definitely be a big change. 

In addition to physically moving, I have decided to start a new blog. After continually hearing blog about what you’re passionate about, I realized that my blog is just a bunch of random thoughts, with no true passion or direction. So… I got to thinking, What am I most passionate about that I would want to write about? After going through a few different ideas, I kept coming back to Hope, my black lab. I have been toying with the idea for awhile now, so what better time than now to create a new blog about our journey in Nashville. I’m thinking it will be told from Hope’s perspective, still not sure. Hope you all check it out. I’ll let you know when the site’s live. 

In honor of my new job and one of my last posts on here, I have a few things to say…

1. I should seriously consider changing careers and becoming a relationship/break-up counselor

2. If you are recently out of a relationship, don’t try to date anyone

3. Following #2, end all communication with your ex. Trust me, you’ll get over them a hell of a lot sooner

4. Live life, don’t be afraid to take chances and make moves

& Finally,

5. Keep Calm & Write On


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  1. Love it: Keep Calm & Write On! Congrats on the job! You will do great, and I can’t wait to visit you in Nashville! Let me know if you end up doing the blog from Hope’s perspective; sounds like it will be a good one!

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