Timing is everything

The past few weeks I’ve been thinking a lot about the timing of things in life. Perhaps one of the biggest questions in life is when is it the right time to do anything? People have so many preconceived notions about when you should do this or that and the perfect timing for it. Time is such an important thing, and sadly… most things take time. Grief, heartbreak, success… to name a few of the common ones that we experience every day… and why is it that time seems to “heal all wounds?”

Sometimes it’s hard to understand why things happen when they do. After a co-worker passed away in a motorcycle accident on labor day weekend, I just kept asking myself why now? He was so young, why was this his time? Time is complicated. It’s something I don’t think any of us will ever fully understand, although I think it’s one of the most important things to realize in life that timing truly is everything.

You hear people say all the time, I’ve met the right person, it’s just not the right time. Maybe there’s something better coming along. Really there is always some reason for the timing behind things, but we usually don’t realize it until weeks, months or maybe even years later.

I guess I’ve just been exposed to a lot of different areas in my life recently where things just need more time to come together. It’s very frustrating, but at the same time, it’s trained me to continue to be patient, and sit back and enjoy the current life I’m living. I have no fear that everything will fall into place at justtt  the right time.


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