Expanding your Horizons

The past two months have enlightened me to a whole new world of thinking. Someone I met has opened my mind to new ideas, and has taught me to take the time to view things from all angles. I have become more politically versed in the past two months then in my entire lifetime. For once I am now educated on the issues that really matter in today’s world. When I went to Washington D.C. last week I was able to have a new appreciation for the city and the political atmosphere in general.

This got me thinking about how many things me, and people in general are not knowledgeable about. People jump to conclusions or join the bandwagon on issues they are not educated about. Ignorance is not always bliss… it just leads to uneducated decisions, specifically regarding choosing a leader to run this country. Now, I tend to favor more republican values, but now that more facts have been brought to my attention, I can say I am swaying more to the independent side politically. I definitely want to do more research to become more educated to see where my true values and opinions lie, and I think this is something everyone who plans on voting should do. Honestly, it’s sad to say, but the Daily Show & Colbert Report have educated me more than any news source.

This new form of thinking has made me think past just the political aspect, and more in general of expanding horizons. As humans we crave comfort and familiarity, but it’s the unfamiliar life experiences that build our character and develop us into independent individuals. Since traveling to so many new places in the past year, this past week in D.C. was just another confirmation that I don’t want to live in one place forever. I love Atlanta and would love to have a job close to home, in the familiar settings I’ve grown accustomed to over the past 15 years, but I think I need a change. I think moving to D.C. and starting fresh with an open mindset would be good for me. Moving anywhere new, meeting new people and growing as an individual is important for anyone as you will learn new things not only about yourself, but the world that you live in.  I’ve always been one to put my whole heart and effort into whatever comes my way, and I never regret anything I’ve done, or all the effort I put in because at one point it was exactly what I wanted. I want to be happy, no matter where that is, or what I’m doing, and I would love to have someone to share that with. I leave you with this, open your eyes, open your mind, think outside the box. && if an opportunity presents itself whether it be a new job or a new relationship, jump on it. You won’t regret it.

What’s stopping you?


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