Last week was one of the longest, most fun weeks I’ve had in a very long time! After working 55+ hours a week this summer, and then coming straight back to Athens to finish up recruitment last weekend, I told myself that I could have one week of “vacation” and do whatever I wanted without feeling bad about it. Usually I’m the plan plan plan, busy girl who does way too much and never goes out to have any fun, but I figured I would start senior year off with a bang, and I did just that. I can successfully say that I can check off my bucket list going out 7 nights in a row. I had so much fun just hanging out with my friends, practically living at Boar’s Head and going to see Corey Smith Friday night.


Even though I was “vacationing” last week wasn’t a complete waste. I did manage to go to every single one of my classes and even got to drop my geography lab because I talked to my psychology adviser and she is giving me credit for my study abroad as my lab! WOOHOO. I also spent the $ and conformed and joined BodyPlex. I worked out for the first time in 3 weeks on Friday and I LOVE it. I am still sore today, 3 days later… and I have my fitness “test” which will actually be really cool to see the difference in my measurements from the beginning of the summer when I got them done at lifetime, and now the end of summer.


I just had my last advising appointment EVER for Grady, and it feels really weird to be old and only have 4 more hours left for that major. then 6 for psyc and I’m DONE. I’m definitely not ready to graduate. I think this semester will be absolutely amazing. I love 3/4 of my classes (religion blows, but whatever) and it should be pretty easy.


I’m going to do my best to blog more often this school year, but we will see. Hopefully this semester provides to be as interesting, crazy and fun as this past week was. As always, I’ll keep you posted =]


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