Pinterest Love

My life has been fairly uneventful, besides working and well more working… so I haven’t had any creative ideas for blog posts until today… when I discovered Pinterest. I keep reading tweets about it, so I finally decided to check it out, and I am in love. I requested to be invited to the site so I can pin things I love, but for now I am just saving my favorites to the computer and have decided to share them with you all. (I have to have something to keep my mind busy from counting down the days, hours, minutes and seconds until my 21st birthday!–which is BTW on Friday!!!)


So True!


I know my best friend- Caitlin Solomon- Would appreciate this due to our LOVE for Dirty Dancing. My kid will definitely have this.


Love my Pup.


so creative, and I love it!


I tell myself this every day now... haha


My life motto. Absolutely in love with this sign.


I need to think more like this


My absolute favorite. Going on my wall in my room.


So there you go…. some really great stuff on there–really for anything you can think of! Check it out….


In the mean time, I will be counting down the days til my birthday, as it is so close and I am so excited I cannot wait!! Still trying to figure out a place to eat dinner downtown on Thursday night with my parents and some friends…somewhere not too expensive, but a little bit nicer than normal-suggestions welcome!! Out in ATL on Thursday night at midnight, then the real celebration in Athens on Friday!! Can’t wait! =] you only live once, so LIVE IT UP!



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