Bootcamp 101

Bootcamp. The hardest program/class possible at the gym. I am finishing out my 8th week now and I love it! Even though I get up at 5:30 a.m., die for an hour, then sweat through my shower and rush to make it to MARTA, it is worth the every day hassle. Now I haven’t exactly lost a lot of weight, or really any for that matter, but I have gained muscle, built endurance and met some really great people. (I think the no weight loss thing is my fault though because I eat terrible and haven’t adjusted my diet)

I figured since I talk about going to bootcamp, or usually dying at boot camp, I would fill you in on some basic bootcamp secrets.

1-It’s kind of expensive. I pay $111 per month for this class… in addition to the $60 a month for gym membership. So yes, I am paying someone to kick my ass.
2- Anyone can do it, no matter what age or skill level. They will start you off slow  and modify the workout/move you are doing until you feel confident, or become strong enough to do it right. (I am still doing “girl” push ups)
3-It kicks your butt. I have played a lot of sports in my (almost) 21 years of life and I have never sweat so much, or been this sore before.  I even sweat through my showers after my workout.
4-Mindset is Key. If you don’t think you can do it, you won’t. So many days I have wanted to cheat or give up… or throw up, but you have to push through it. It feels so good to be done with it.
5-Not every bootcamp is the same. Depending on what gym you go to, the workouts/organization may be different. I know Omni does theirs by a different muscle group each day… but Lifetime (Where I go) does more CrossFit work outs which encompasses using your entire body and more agility.

Overall, it has been such a great decision. Every work out is completely different and the trainer is so encouraging that you want to finish. Sometimes we are timed, which of course helps me–because I am so competitive. Usually I start off doing really well, then by the last round I don’t even care if I finish first of last, I just want to make it through haha. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to get back into shape, and have their butt kicked! It’s definitely not for sissies!

I will leave you with this: a workout I did on Wednesday, and almost died:

Warm Up: 3 rounds
7 burpies (which is like an up down)
14 russian twists with a 25 lb weight
3 sit ups with a 25 lb weight

Main Set: for time/weight (I used 60 lbs)
100 Squats
5 rounds

7 I don’t know what they are called, but its a combo between a dead lift, lunge with each leg, then push press (REALLY HARD)
13 dips
18 pull ups
200m sprint
100 Squats

It was so rough. I finished in 41 minutes and 10 seconds… and my “intensity level” was measured at a 10.4 (I don’t know what that means, but sounds good?)

SO, put down that cookie & go to the gym!! I’m thinking that I’m going to join Omni  in the fall and do their night-time boot camp if anyone is interested in going with me! I would love the company!


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  1. You amaze me. I could never do this, but I have crafted my own workout routine that incorporates cardio and weight training at my level. I also love taking Lifetime’s hip hop and Zumba classes for an extra cardio boost!

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