“Someone Stole Your Car & It’s In a Ditch”- Kiawah in Review

I have to begin with saying that last week was one of the most fun, and memorable weeks in Kiawah I have ever had–and I have been going for 12 years now. It was just a giant conglomeration of relaxing, biking, beaching, eating out & hanging out with great friends! Coming back to the real world yesterday was definitely a tough adjustment! I needed at least another week of vacation.

We began our 6 hour car ride around 8:30 Saturday morning equipped with a packed car, lots of sugar, 5 cd mixes and some Chick-Fil-A (duh). It was a fairly easy drive… and we arrived to great weather! We went straight to the beach to feel the ocean breeze! We ate dinner with the fam at the Town Market and then unpacked and did a little bike ride around the island for our guest–my friend Kara & my brother’s friend Chris.

Fourth of July on Monday was pretty eventful. You can ask my brother about that… haha. But no, really it was a fun-filled day of sun & then beautiful fireworks on the beach that night… followed by hanging out with a guy I had met a few years back at his house, meeting a bunch of his friends-local to the island. Everyone had “big boy & big girl” jobs and not everyone could stay for the whole week, so we got numbers of those who were staying, so we could have friends the rest of the week!

Fireworks on the Beach

There is a wide variety of things to do on the island, but sadly we were too content with hanging out at the beach to make it anywhere else during the day. I usually go to the pool a few times, but we just sat on the beach like bums for a solid 5 hrs a day. Along with taking plenty of goofy pics doing Yoga Headstands? haha and of course having a solid horseshoe tournament as well (which Kara and I won).

aka: Headstands

Fun on the Beach


Horseshoe fun






















Every year it is tradition for us to all dress up in matching outfits of some kind and take lots of pictures. Well this year we had 2 dress up nights. One we did in Red/White/Blue–which I think turned out really cute… The other one we did in coral/blue/white, which I also love (of course, it’s coral… my color). Love it.

4th of July Photoshoot

My favorite family picture


We frequented a place called Reds Ice House, which was a bar/restaurant at the Marina, right off the island. We had so much fun there our last night in town. Kara and I went with our friends David & Zach to watch the Braves game, but it ended up being rain delayed for a few hours. Don’t worry we made friends at the bar and ended up staying there for like 5 hours. It’s always a good idea to become friends with the bartenders… free things =] (trust me, I am one, I know). There was some sort of medical convention in town, and all of a sudden like 30 men in suits showed up. We all made our assumptions of what they were here for… (this is before we knew it was a medical convention) so we were going with graduates of the citadel here for a reunion. Well, we were wrong. They apparently sell medical equipment. Hmm. Apparently they make good $. *Noted* haha. So then…all of a sudden, the bartender turned down the music and said “Is there a Bill Meeks here?!” We all repeat and shout “BILLLL MEEEKS!??”… well we find Bill and the bartender says “So um… Someone stole your car, and it’s in a ditch.” BAHA we start laughing. He thinks it’s someone playing a joke on him… til she says “No, someone stole your car and the police are on the phone and the guy is in custody.” Talk about random… he was just so chill about it and said “Well, I guess just gimme the phone.” The things that happen in Kiawah, SC.

We ended our week on the way out-of-town stopping by the centuries old Angel Oak Tree. It is MASSIVE, but preserved extremely well. There are plenty of arguments of how old the tree really is, and no one really knows… but we know it’s old…and beautiful!

Angel Oak Tree- I look TINY compared to this MASSIVE tree!


Overall, I cannot explain how much fun this week was. It was definitely what I needed. A week of relaxation and sun. I got a great tan, and I think it gave me the perfect break to allow me to come back and focus on finishing the last 5 weeks of my internship. My 21st birthday is only 17 days away!! =] Love the month of July!

High Five for a Super Successful Week!


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