7 ways to a Woman’s heart

In honor of last nights bachelorette episode and the polar opposites of bad news bentley and sweet JP, I have come up with a list for you guys out there. Whether or not you think you know how to 1 get a girl or 2 treat a girl, just take the time to read what every girl really wants. If you do these 7 simple things right then you’ll have every girl falling for you.

1. Attention. Every girl wants it, no matter if she’s single or in a 3 year relationship. It’s natural to crave the attention of the opposite sex. So guys, give her attention! Tell her she looks beautiful, compliment her new outfit, ask how her day was. It’s the little things that matter most.

2. Affection. Show her how much you care. After all, actions speak louder than words. Kiss her on the forehead, hold her hand in public, hold her tight. A little bit of PDA never hurt anyone. Plus it makes her feel special so suck it up and do it.

3. Communication. It’s KEY to a successful relationship. Open your mouth and speak… Pick up your phone- call… Shoot her a text. Something, anything… More than once a day. This is just part of showing her you’re thinking about her. Then there’s the other communication aspect… When something is bothering you- speak up and tell her! Otherwise anger builds up and it’s just better to openly communicate what is going on so the issue can be resolved as quick as possible!

4. Loyalty. Can’t stress this enough. Being faithful is so important. It promotes trust in a relationship which is, in my opinion, the only way a relationship will survive- by trusting each other. Just don’t hook up with anyone else… Do it when you’re single because otherwise you don’t respect your girl enough and shouldn’t be in a relationship anyways.

5. Romance. Okay so you may not be the sappy romantic guy- most aren’t, but TAKE HER OUT every once in awhile. Surprise her. Give her flowers just because. These romantic notions will only spark your chemistry even more. Plus it can earn you points later 😉

6. Personality. Show some. Be creative, tell jokes- make her laugh, have fun! This is what makes a relationship last even longer- because then you’ll never run out of things to talk about.

7. Honesty. Probably the MOST important. Being honest relates back to almost everything I’ve mentioned. Helps a girl trust you, you communicate better… Just so important. If you’re not honest how can you expect her to be? Even if you just started talking to a girl- give her expectations up front. Tell her if you’re not looking for anything serious… Don’t wait til you get her to sleep with you- be honest up front… Because trust me, girls read into EVERYTHING!

Now I know some of you may be thinking but every girl falls for the “bad guy” or the “hard to get guy”, I promise you that if you play that front forever you’ll lose the girl of your dreams. Sure a little bit of hard to get is great at first, but if you like her as more than just a fling, take my advice.



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2 responses to “7 ways to a Woman’s heart

  1. This post rings true from top to bottom! Well done. (And yes, I do realize that talking to my dog via WordPress qualifies me as insane.)

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