Random Thoughts that Could Entertain You

I really couldn’t think of a title…and I don’t really have anything important to say, just figured I would ramble on about my life in my last 24 minutes I have left at work before I head back up to Athens for the weekend.

This week has gone by super quick, which is great because I am ready for a weekend of doing absolutely nothing important. I really would like to go play at the pool and go out with friends, so I hope the rain doesn’t ruin all plans, or I’ll just have to be a couch potato and catch up on the 2348904901 shows I have TIVO’d. These past 2 weeks have been filled with lots of interesting things in my life…. not all of which I want to share, but just know that my life is somewhat of a giant laugh right now… and only Julie and Brooke would know exactly what I am talking about, but when life get’s ya down… you become “low on life” & you need to “buy life.” Basically this has become my motto for the rest of the summer… I will be “buying life” in Athens to get me through the week. We also “bought life” at Waffle House last Friday night at 330 in the morning… solid plan, not mad about it at all. I also managed to take a late night swim for the second time this summer, this time no naked people in the pool. I suppose Towne Club pool is just as fun from the hours of 230-5 am as it is during the 11am-8pm time frame… or at least I think it is. I have been having a blast hanging out with friends, and seeing all the fun things I haven’t been able to do my past 3 college years. I am definitely thinking it’s going to be a solid senior year. I have great friends, and have made some wonderful memories this summer. I can’t believe that summer is already halfway over!

This is good… so Monday was the definition of a Monday. Went to the gym and almost died since I got oh a total of 14 hours of sleep from Fri,Sat & Sun nights. Almost threw up like the entire work out… not fun. Then I missed my train at MARTA by like 5 seconds… then work… which who knows if anything happened there, don’t think so actually, then I grabbed some Chick-Fil-A on my way to MARTA since I was starving and had a long way home.. I got 3 tenders and a LG Lemonade… well I was eating the tenders and had my lemonade between my legs.. oh then POP, my styrofoam cup gets a hole in at, luckily not so it SPEWS out, but it did momentarily and now I am sitting in a puddle of lemonade. Then as I quickly reach down to grab napkins I drop the remainder of my chicken finger on the floor. So now I am left hungry and sitting in a puddle of lemonade on a crowded MARTA train. People are looking at me as I try to wipe up the lemonade. Then I finally get off with a GIANT wet spot on my ass and had to walk half a mile to my car. Pretty sure everyone thought I pee’d myself. Great entertainment I’m sure. SPECTACULAR.

Anyways, I get to enjoy Athens this weekend, and then I gotta bust my you know what next week at the gym because I leave for the beach a week from Saturday!!! =] I cannot wait to lay out, ride bikes all around the beautiful Kiawah Island & not pay for anything for a week. My bank account will love me later, considering I have no money. My best friend Kara is making the 5 1/2 hr trip with me, so I’m sure we will be bustin’ some tunes and dancing in the car the whole way there. RELAXATION and daiquiris are calling my name…

In other news… I am sure most of you know.. my Guide Dog puppy Hope got released from the program and she is ALL MINE! YAY! So I’m officially a “mother” of an almost 14 month old black lab…who has lots of energy. She got mad that I left her the other day for work and chewed…no shredded an extension cord.. Then 2 nights ago when I left her to go out to dinner with the fam, she went to my dads closet and took the leather laces out of his sperry’s and ate them then chewed on the side of the shoe. Talk about a little brat. Whenever she is mad at me she goes and does bad things… like tear my carpet up at my apt. COOL… oh well, part of the responsibility & I love her anyways.

Alright, well out of time, and you’ve probably already stopped reading this nonsense! Have a GREAT weekend!


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