Tips on How to Get that First Job

 At work today I was reading a bunch of different magazines relating to the Travel and Tourism Industry and I came across an article in the magazine “Black Enterprise.” It provides great tips on preparing you for your first job. I have summarized the main points below, so check ’em out!

“Getting that First Job”
-Tips to improve recent grads competitive standing the job market from Carol Watson, head of Tangerine-Watson Inc.-a NYC based talent consultant firm specializing in minority recruitment

1. Focus on your professional Profile

  • Develop your professional profile online
  • Make sure your LinkedIn profile is 100% filled in & up-to-date
  • Don’t position yourself as a student, describe the professional role you are looking for based on experience acquired

2. Start building relationships

  • Secure a professional email address
  • Connect with professionals on LinkedIn and Twitter, but not Facebook
  • Send a note to the recipient about where you met them or how you found them and what you’re interested in and passionate about as a career path. How would you add value to the company?

3. Invest time in your development

  • Spend an hour a week keeping up to date with the latest industry trends, i.e. newsletters and industry blogs
  • Use Google Alerts to stay on top of companies and high-profile people
  • background research on companies

4. Tell an interesting story

  • Your experience should provide indications of your potential work ethic
  • On a resume and cover letter tell a story of your journey and how/why things you have experience relate to what you want to do
  • Recruiters are looking for innovation and leadership
  • Find something you contributed

5. Know your pitch

  • “Always be prepared with your presentation because you never know when you’re going to come in contact with someone who could lead you to an opportunity.”
  • At a moment’s notice you should be able to answer these questions:    
    • Why does this industry appeal to you
    • What drives you
    • What specific strengths and skills would be valuable to the company

6. Follow up

  • Within the first 24 hours send an email note thanking them for their time and reiterating what value and unique strengths you bring.
  • A follow-up hand written note is nice, but not “required.” Make sure to keep it professional and not too personal

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  1. Great tips! Hope they help me seal the deal in December!

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