FourSquare: Every Single Guys Dream Come True

So this has been something I have been thinking about for oh IDK the entire month that I have been on FourSquare. This is definitely worth the read–ESPECIALLY SINGLE MEN.

I started using FourSquare at the beginning of the summer when we were in a work meeting and they asked if everyone had checked into the bureau… as an aspiring PR Professional I am on every other social media outlet, so why not?… seemed creepy but I am easily fascinated, and borderline obsessed, with social media so I made an account.

Now, 30 days and 152 check-ins later I have finalized my thoughts as to why I think that FourSquare is the perfect social media outlet for single men… (or women, but my focus is more on men here).

For starters, FourSquare is sort of creepy, you have to admit. If you don’t know a whole lot about it, it is a social media tool where you can “check in” to where you are and you get points for your check in, earn “badges” for random things, and are deemed “mayor” if you frequent that place more than anyone else that checks in there. Anyone you are friends with on the site can see where you are at any moment… if you check in to where you are on a regular basis. Perfect for stalkers. This is why you shouldn’t accept just anyone on FourSquare… it’s not Facebook or Myspace where you can see how many friends you can have. I personally only have 21 total friends… and all of them I trust enough to know where I am, and yes I do deny people I know because I don’t want them knowing where I am. Sorry.

So now that you are all up to speed, let me tell you why every single guy is in heaven.

Let’s make this into a scenario to better understand: Let’s say you have Mike (a totally made up person)… he is a 21 year old college kid at the University of Georgia… He is just looking to have a good time, he’s recently single, loves to go out and party, sort of a player– “just playing the field” as he calls it. So Mike is on FourSquare, friends with some of his buddies, mayor of his apartment complex and a couple bars DT, and friends with his ex (let’s call her Jen) and a few other girls. Then Mike starts hanging out with this girl…let’s call her Amy… they start hooking up with her having fun for a few weeks then he just stops talking to her as much.. but they became friends on FourSquare. He now can see what she is doing/where she is whenever he wants. Cool, no big deal she can see where he is too right? Okay, seems harmless… well then Mike meets this other girl named Stacy and they start hanging out and having fun too… you know the same thing as the first girl… things go well with her, they bec0me friends on FourSquare… harmless? Well then Mike meets Becky and they hang out whatever, same thing… become friends on FourSquare… you catch my drift by now… so now Mike has his ex Jen, Amy, Stacy & Becky all friends with him on FourSquare… this couldn’t be any more perfect for Mike. Now, since he is still on “good” terms with all of these girls he can see where all of them are… so on Friday night when Mike goes out he can see where all of these girls are… Jen is at one bar, Amy another, Stacy another and Becky isn’t out… how perfect he can just pick which bar to go to based on which girl he wants to see… or avoid them all together and get another girl… Or say two girls are at the same place… oh avoid that bar. It helps him to avoid most awkward situations and he has free reign to do what he wants at each of these places.. every single guy.. who is “playing the field’s” dream.

As I have watched this situation play out.. and realized this.. it just makes me laugh. Because it is really really smart. Now I didn’t say it was right… and I didn’t say it was classy… but it sure as hell works. So single boys… take notes.. re-read and go join FourSquare. Your life just got way easier.

Agree? Disagree? Need more clarification? I’d love to hear.


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