Whirlwind of a Week

This week has been a crazy and unexpected one that’s for sure! I had the joy of spending 3 hours at the ER with my mom yesterday. I had just gotten to MARTA when I get a text… yes a TEXT, not a phone call, from my 18-year-old brother telling my that my dog scratched her leg so bad that she needed to go to the hospital. Oh, so you think that’s an appropriate thing to text me…not call??? Boys. So of course I called him and asked what the heck he was talking about and he said the dogs were playing by her and just tore a huge hole in her leg. So I of course asked if I needed to come home and he tells me she’s going to drive herself to the hospital since he has to go to “work” (AKA coaching tennis camp??). So as I hear her hysterically crying in the background, I ask to talk to her and then tell her there is no way she’s driving to the hospital with a gushing blood leg sobbing. So I turned around, went home and took her to Gwinett Hospital, since she refuses to go to Johns Creek Emory, which is about 2 minutes down the road (apparently they have bad customer service… haha). So we go in and it’s pretty dead there so she gets to go back fairly quickly. Then the nurse practioner tells her she’s gonna sow it up, so I leave and go back in the waiting room since I would have probably been passed out on the floor or throwing up had I stayed in there to see that… I don’t do blood, or needles, or really hospitals so I was already on edge. I figured it’d be pretty quick since there weren’t that many people there… but I ended up waiting an hour and a half for her to come out. I ran my phone battery down to 34%… haha I was SO bored. She ended up having 13 stitches and has to be on crutches for a week! CRAZY! Turns out the real story of what happened was the dogs were wrestling… I have a golden retriever and of course Hope (my black lab) and they play and bite each other…. well Ellie, the golden, was on the ottomon and fell backwards off of it and clawed my mom’s leg on the way down. The gash was about 6in long by 4in wide. REALLY NASTY. =[ So that was pretty eventful to say the least.. I ended up staying home from work so I could help her take the dogs out and get around… she sure is a lot of work.  HaHa

The great part of the day though comes at dinner. My cousin got a job at the Twisted Taco that is opening this weekend in Johns Creek, and they had a “Friends & Family” night last night so the employees could practice and get all the kinks out. Great Idea! It get’s even better… FREE FOOD, BEER & WINE! The venue itself is great! It’s a fun, texas-style atmosphere with deer antler chandeliers and cow skin booth backs. There are about 5-7 “jail rooms,” we got to sit in one of them. They were really cool, equipped with TVs at every booth. I definitely want to go back. We had so much food we could have fed a 3rd world country! Great Queso, salsa & Guac. Crispy, yummy chips (tasted a little like Chili’s), these southest egg rolls, then I had a Chicken Cesear Wrap with Cajun Cesear Dressing & of course Paula and I split the delicious brownie-a-la-mode dessert! So filling, so good! I definitely recommend it to anyone! Fun atmosphere for a date, family dinner, or night out!

Today I have done some work writing copy for a blip on the website, finding information for a reporter and doing the daily Atlanta News. I’m about to head out to a CONNECT networking event at Sweet Georgia’s Juke Joint. Should be a great way to meet industry professionals while trying out some awesome food and drinks the restaurant has to offer! Then I am off to Athens for the weekend!! Great end of the week!


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