Work Work Work & No Play

I wish I could come up with something really exciting and cool that would make you say, “I wish I was that girl” but I got nothing. I have been the classic “working girl” this week. My life is pretty consistent every day…. are you ready?

1: Wake up at 5:30 and head to the gym for workouts/boot camp
2: Work 9-5
3: Eat & watch TV
4: Bed at 10:30


Work has been picking up and I have been enjoying all of the time I spend here. This week the new PR Specialist began working here at the ACVB. Her name is Nicole Foo and she is a recent UGA Grady College Grad. We have actually met before through Grady/PR Real World and she is very sweet! On Tuesday, we all went out to lunch as a PR team, definitely something I am going to love doing when I have a real job–lunch with co-workers-I’m lame I know. Someone passed around coupons for buy one get one free lunch specials at Cafe Intermezzo so of course we had to put them to use. Lunch was extremely good and I have definitely enjoyed some nice quality, high-class meals for cheap these past 2 weeks (cookie-dough cheesecake included). Libby, the other intern, and I have had this dying urge to just walk around downtown Atlanta. We want to get to know the city that we are promoting, as well as take advantage of what Atlanta has to offer. There are so many great restaurants and little bars that look like they would be so much fun. Hopefully we do that soon! We have found a little bit of outdoor space outside our building to eat lunch at, but would love to travel down near GA State and to Centennial Olympic Park to eat as well. Being in the center of everything is really, really convenient!

Besides the exciting atmosphere of Atlanta, I have been working on putting together press kits, researching and I also wrote my first official press release yesterday. It is about Memorial Day in Atlanta and should be posted later today on the website — under media room. Check it out!! I’ll post the link in my next post to where you can directly access it. I do feel quite official.

Other life news is very non-existent. My friend Paula stayed over Monday and Tuesday night, but we were complete bums and watched Bachelorette on Monday & No Strings Attached Tuesday. If any of you watch Bachelorette, my favorites are JP, Will &  West. JP was definitely my favorite and would be my pick. Their little cupcake story was precious.

My brother graduates from high school this weekend, so I will be plenty busy just hanging out with the family, shopping and attending graduation parties I’m sure. Hopefully I can kick back and relax on my day off on Monday–poolside. I definitely think I need to reward myself with that. I have officially survived my first week of boot camp, losing 3 lbs already–so I’m very happy! My goal is to lose another 12 by the end of the summer! Back to the grind of the gym & work next week, then headed back Athens and I can’t wait. Ready to head out with some friends and just have a good time.

“If I could do it again, I’d do it the same, not one regret I wouldn’t change a thing”
-Corey Smith


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  1. Your schedule looks a lot like my schedule… minus boot camp! But I do make it to Lifetime after work so I’m keeping up with a fitness routine. (Trying to at least!)

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