What a Weekend!

This summer has started off with a great start! After finishing up my first week of work, I headed to Athens to have a little bit of fun! Most of my weekend was filled with going out with friends, laying by the pool and working at Allen’s. Although business was a little slow, I still need any extra cash that I can get my hands on. It looks like I will just have to work some extra hours in the fall.

Although I had a blast, I think I may be getting sick since I got up early all week then decided to stay up all night, all weekend–my body was so confused with those opposite schedules. I can’t say it wasn’t worth it though, because it definitely beats doing nothing in Johns Creek. I ended my weekend by dropping my roommate off at the airport as she headed off to Europe for the next 3 weeks. That lucky duck will be traveling to Germany, Austria & Switzerland. It definitely makes me wish I was abroad again this summer. To keep the international spirit going, I met up with my friend Allison to tell her all about New Zealand, show her my pictures and prepare her for her 6 month trip where she will be staying at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, NZ. Reliving last summer definitely made me want to jump in her suitcase and go back for another few months of fun! Don’t you wish life was that simple?

Somehow I managed to get up fairly easily at 5:30 this morning… probably due to the fact that our upstairs air conditioning is semi-broken and my room was 85 degrees all night. Between my dog panting and attempting to sleep without sheets & still sweating, I didn’t get very many hours of shut eye. At least my friend Paula will be staying with me tonight and tomorrow night. She works in Atlanta too but doesn’t want to drive from Athens everyday, I don’t blame her, so we get to keep each other company for the next few nights. Definitely a distraction that I need. Other than that, I have a week full of interning and boot camp, followed by a weekend of graduation festivities as my brother graduates from high school this weekend! CRAZY to think that he is really headed off to college in the fall! It makes me feel so old. 

Have a  wonderful work week, look for a fun summer topic soon to come! =]


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