New Beginnings

I have been extremely MIA in the blogging world, but my life was a whirlwind and I could not find the time, nor the motivation to sit and write about my crazy life. In a nut shell, I have been consumed with final exams, buying back textbooks, attending my brother’s last events as a high schooler, being a newly single girl and starting my internship at the Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau. PHEW…. Let’s just say that I’m glad that it is finally summer!

This week marks new beginnings for me in every aspect of my life. New personal and career goals, and I can finally say that I am enjoying everything going on in my life right now. I am ready to embark on yet another new life journey this summer. Last summer I was lucky enough to travel the world, and this summer I am learning all about PR as well as taking some time for myself.

Upon finishing out my junior year I had a giant reality check. It hit me that I only had one year left to do everything that I wanted to do in Athens, and I am not ready to leave my friends or that city behind! BUT, I had to get over that feeling of wanting to be a freshman again real quick, because as of Monday I started my first day of my internship in downtown Atlanta. I work Mon-Thur 9-5, and definitely feel like a “big kid” now. I have to take MARTA in to town in the morning, because 1. Parking is SUPER expensive and 2. TRAFFIC SUCKS if you didn’t already know haha. MARTA does have it’s downsides though and it is really creepy–I actually do not like riding it AT ALL, but I’ll suck it up and just keep putting in the headphones and minding my own business. It’s worth it though, because I love my internship! I can honestly say that I have already learned SO much and I really am enjoying my time here. I know that these next 13 weeks are going to provide me with such great, tangible experience that I will be able to apply to my future career which is, eek, only a year away!

In addition to interning, my goal for the summer was to get back in tip top shape and lose all the weight that I have gained since high school! In order to make that a reality I needed to do something drastic between my diet and working out. I work out at Lifetime Fitness, so I went and saw a personal trainer and we did a lot of talking and measuring, etc and the most bang for my buck is 6am bootcamp mon and wed! I went on Wed and let me tell you IT IS SO ROUGH. My entire body HURTS! Totally worth it and mark my words I will have a ROCKIN bod by my 21st (which by the way is only 71 days away!!)

Tonight I plan to head back to Athens because I need some friends time and to not go to bed at 10 or 11 for the next couple of days haha! So I’m ready to hit the pool and the town and have an awesome, relaxing weekend! I’ll be working at Allen’s this weekend too, so stop by for some foood!!



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3 responses to “New Beginnings

  1. Berri

    Dang girl! 9-5 Mon-Thurs internship AND working out AND 6am bootcamp before interning 2 days a week AND working at Allen’s on the weekend? Props to you!

  2. lmhughes

    Proud of you! Finding yourself and figuring out what you want out of life is hard, they don’t teach that in the classroom. Taking time to figure those things out will make you an infinitely more successful person in the end (and you probably won’t have some sort of breakdown or quarter-life crisis a year or two after graduation)!

  3. Thanks friends! =]
    I am hoping I don’t end up with some sort of quarter-life-crisis, although it is entirely possible haha!

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