Your Vote Counts: Why You Should Vote for me for President!

I am running for PRSSA Executive Board for the 2011-2012 school year and have chosen to run to be your next president or webmaster. I have been involved in so many other organizations, but now that I am about to graduate I want to take on a leadership role in my career path. I love PR and PRSSA has given me some wonderful opportunities that I would now like to have the chance to provide to other students as well. I have some great ideas for what I would like to do next year and I have outlined them below. Elections are tomorrow at 6:30 in MLC room 248, so I would love for you to check out my awesome election video and come vote… Hope may or may not be the feature ;).


  • Even though we have had some excellent speakers my past 3 years in PRSSA, I would love to expand on the diversity of the speakers at our meetings. My goal is to include speakers dealing with not only corporate and agency pr, but also business-to-business, event planning, social media and knowledgeable professionals to give resume, portfolio and interviewing tips.
  • In addition to the wonderful events held each year such as PRofessional Connection, PR Real World and National Conference, I would love to put together more networking opportunities here in Athens for you to connect with. Ideally, these events would be mixers with tapas, coffee, or desserts after your classes.  This helps give students who are unable to miss classes or who can’t drive to Atlanta an opportunity to network. It is also a more personable and relaxed environment, which is where I know I thrive best.
  • I would like for there to be more of a two-stream flow of communication between members and e-board where members feel they can express their ideas of what they want to see in the organization. I hope to strengthen this communication in order to increase member attendance at meetings.
  • An incentive program is another idea I feel strongly about. This would involve submitting a response to a question or doing something PR related the week of our off meeting via social media. This bi-weekly competition would be done to encourage more people to share their PR experience and engage with PRSSA on a deeper level. In return for all the hard work students are doing I want to reward two students with the opportunity to attend the pre-meeting dinners with the professional who is scheduled to speak.
  • I have found that good communication is key to success from the other organizations that I have been involved in. Maintaining a strong personal level of communication with other e-board members is very important to me. This is the best way to accomplish anything and to complete it with 110% effort of others.


With those points being my main focus, I also want to add that I am extremely passionate and dedicated. I will never give up and am always trying to figure out what I can do to improve on something already established. I would promise you my hard work and dedication. Since I have a light course load next semester I know that I will have the time to fully devote myself to this organization. I hope that I will have your vote to be your next PRSSA President.


So please, come vote tomorrow night, and if you can’t make it e-mail Dr. Jones your absentee ballot because EVERY VOTE COUNTS  & I would love your support!


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