Perks of Social Media

My generation has grown up in a world of emerging media. Whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, LinkedIn, YouTube, FourSquare or any other up-and-coming site, these media channels are changing society and the way we communicate. I too, at some point in the past few years, have tried using all of these sites. Now days, companies are becoming more involved in social media and some are struggling to figure out the best way to incorporate it into their company. One main struggle is managing the sites on a day-to-day basis and keeping it up-to-date. Also, since the older generations have not had as much experience growing up with social media, it can be a struggle for them to figure out. This is why they need the younger generation to figure out how it all works.

Social Media has a lot of perks for companies. I urge any business to incorporate social media into their business plan. One of the biggest perks of social media is that it allows for much faster communication between the consumer and the company. Here is a list I developed of Social Media Perks:

  • Promotions can be sent out easier
  • Easy access to the business for consumers
  • Easy access to the consumers for the business
  • Negative feedback can be responded to quicker and issues can be resolved faster–better customer service
  • Faster word-of-mouth travel
  • Overall Faster communication
  • Direct Image/link to the company
  • Another high impression dock for businesses to advertise in

I’m sure you all could name a few more, but those are they key points in my mind. Why do I think it is so pertinent for a company? Although many people in Athens have had issues with Charter Communications, I have had a couple very positive experiences with them, all involving social media. Our internet continually fails and occasionally won’t work for a few hours up to a few days at a time. At one point I was just so fed up that I angrily tweeted at Charter about how my internet hadn’t worked for 3 days and I was so annoyed— I hashtagged #charter in my tweet and within two minutes I got a response from a technician. He apologized for the issues I was having and then  told me to direct message him the name, phone number and address on the account. Once I did this, he did something to figure out the levels of my internet and apparently they were WAY out of range. He then followed up by asking me when I was available the next day and we set up an appointment via Twitter for the following day to fix my internet. Now that is impressive. No calling tree, waiting on hold or wasted time. I was extremely happy with their customer service. You can @Charter at any time with your issue and they will respond to you in minutes. On a separate occasion when my internet went out again I tweeted and another technician gave me a quick and easy set of steps to reset my internet if it ever wasn’t working. Overall, I want to applaud Charter for their impeccable use of Social Media.
If that isn’t a call to action for you to integrate social media into your company then I don’t know what is. Social Media is our future and growing parallel with our demand of the “NOW NOW NOW” society. I say, get the ball rolling and start using Social Media today!



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