Wonderful Weekend

I had the most spectacular weekend filled with fun, freedom and no worries. The weather was so beautiful how could you not enjoy it? Since I do not have classes on Fridays (lucky me) my weekend technically begins Thursday night. My roommates and I decided that Thursday night was time to bring back DDR– Dance Dance Revolution! We pulled out the ps2, game and mats and danced the night away. Man, that game is a workout! Kike and I were so impressed that we decided on Friday morning to use it as an our excuse of a workout. According to the data on the game we burned about 200 calories. I’ll take it! The rest of Friday was spent finishing up homework and enjoying the weather. To end my Friday night I headed to work at Allen’s Bar & Grill. Work was a busy and successful night! I was so tired that when I came back my roommates and I watched Burlesque and called it a night. Burlesque is a fabulous movie by the way, I really enjoyed the story line and all of the dancing. I could never do that!

On Saturday I had the privilege to attend a Guide Dog Foundation meeting where we learned about training and how dogs learn. This was a very informational meeting where I was able to pick up some tips and tricks for training Hope. BUT… what was even better was that there were a handful of blind people attending that had their working dogs with them. This was really neat to see what my dog could do for someone in the future.

Sunday ended my weekend perfectly with a long day at the pool. Hope and I spent the day at the pool with friends playing and laying out. Hope had the time of her life and was so exhausted when we came home. I got a very nice base tan, and only a little burnt on my back where Kike forgot the sunscreen. It was such a beautiful day and it was incredible to lay out in February.

Today I had to work and unfortunately it was a very busy day, but I do love spending some time at Allens. This next week is a busy week, along with the week following. With lots of school work to do and a couple exciting internship interviews, along with my roommates 21st birthday, I am very excited for the next couple of weeks… especially since they led up to SPRING BREAK =]

Good Luck on Midterms everyone!

12 days until spring break!


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