Big Time Question

Today was a roller-coaster of emotions kinds of day. There was such a combination of goods and bads that I can’t even explain. I have been struggling the most with today, or really the last week or so, whether or not to drop my Psychology double major. I really do love the psychology classes that I have taken, but it is all the non-sense mandatory classes that go along with it that I can not stand. For example, Biology. I am in the second Biology now, and of course it is also required you take the lab portion as well, and I had to have gotten the worst possible teacher ever. I am a strong student and always put forth the effort to study, so failing the weekly quizzes must mean something is wrong. I even spoke with her after class today and that didn’t help. It is classes like this that do not want me to even both following through with my degree in psych. I have been weighing the pros and cons of dropping or finishing out the degree and here is what I have come up with.

Pros of finishing the degree
*Double Major Degree
*Coordinates well with Advertising
*Have already come so far with the degree
*I could come back to it later in life and do something with it if I wanted to
*Continue learning more about a different topic in life

Cons of finishing the degree
*It doesn’t allow me to take other relevant courses to my actual future job due to time constraints
*I have to take 2 other “general” classes that I will suffer through (a multicultural religion & geography lab)

Pros of not finishing the degree
*More time to spend on other relevant classes
*I can withdraw from Bio and focus more on my other classes
*I can still put that I have a concentration in psych on my transcript

Cons of not finishing the degree
*I have worked so hard and spent time already taking classes that I did not want to
*I may not be able to do what I want (way) later in life without the degree- (High School Guidance Counselor)

I guess there is technically more pros than cons, but the real question is do the pros outweigh the cons? I still can’t decide. My real issue is that there are other PR/ADV classes that I want to take but cannot right now due to my double major and not having time to take them. I feel as though they would be more relevant to my future career. As I still debate and struggle with this issue, I would love some help from my fellow bloggers and readers, comments, feedback, anything that would be useful in helping me make this decision whether or not to stick it out or just cut my losses and focus on my immediate future?


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