>HOME SWEET HOME.. Delta Flight 16 Experience

>So. This is my last blog post for some time now… It will tell you the interesting journey from Sydney Australia-> Atl, GA.. and boy let me tell you, It IS INTERESTING.

So we embark on our journey home at precisely 6:00 am from Travelodge Hotel off Wentworth Ave in a cab to the airport. This is when we should have known it was not to be a very “good day.”

We get to the airport and somehow the cab cost us double what it did on the way there making it $43. Now tell me how the hell does that happen?? I think he drove extremely slow and he definitely went a different way, a slower way. Awesome. Not.

So we were the first in line at the Delta check in and after like 15 minutes they finally opened… we were the first flight out that morning and we were there over 3 hours early. thanks dad.. he always insists we get there early, but then again it is a good idea for us since somehow in someway we are always rushing to get places.. caitlin and me that is.

So we got our seats on our full flight… row 40 seats j & g… we ended up sitting middle and window, me being in the middle and her in the window though to give the guy that was supposed to be between us extra room. Bad idea in the end… he should of had window.. keep reading to see why.

So after we checked in we shopped in the Sydney airport for a couple hours since there is literally a mall in the airport.. i got brad a last minute stuffed koala for him to sleep with next time I leave.. that is if there’s a next time haha. As of right now i’m so broke it isn’t even funny… but anyways..

We get to our gate and have to go through more security. They do that for all flights into the USA. INTENSE. we got our carry ons searched and then patted down….

We then get on the plane and the first 10 hours of our flight is fine.. just restless movement, a few movies and no sleeping. Wellllll Caitlin thought it’d be a good idea to take 2 tylanol pms and part of a sleeping pill bc she just couldnt fall asleep. The tylanol pm wasnt doing the trick so she took part of the sleeping pill. BAD IDEA. Somewhere oh an hour or 2 by plane east of Hawaii in the middle of the ocean, 4 hours from LAX airport she wakes up feeling very sick. She jumps over mine and guy sitting in isle seat (lets go with video game tester nerd) and goes to the bathroom, only she doesnt make it there. She falls down and almost passes out. Well the bathroom was behind our seats 2 rows so I didnt really see her fall and there wasn’t a big commotion so not until like 5 minutes later when i am looking for her and dont see her does the flight attendant get on the intercom asking for a doctor, paramedic, nurse, emt, SOMEONE. so of course now im FREAKING OUT. i raised my hand.. i mean what else could i do? haha.. and she asked if i was a doctor i was like no but that is my best friend that apparently is like DYING. So… I ended up staying in my seat while an emt and 2 nurses surrounded her and made her better.. She had really really low blood pressure.. i mean like 61/40.. normal is 120/80.. yes so the emt was freaking out and they started checking her feet for blood clots.. at this point im not up standing by her and the flight attendant had me give her some info and stuff about her. She had cold rags on her and then they had her drink some water and eat a couple crackers.. She got better and eventually an hour went by and she was fine.. or so we thought.

Delta gave the nice people that helped bottles of champagne fo free and we went back to our seats after talking to them for awhile… so 2 hours left in flight. Caitlin falls asleep, I watch 27 dresses and then put on random movies for the 45 minutes left… well at 30 minutes she wakes up and same thing.. I DONT FEEL GOOD. So shes like im just gonna sit here… so then she starts feeling bad so i have to again jump over video game testing nerd and run to the back of the plane tell the flight attendant in the back room-yes where people dont go but i did haha and she runs to get a washcloth and i go up a few rows and get emt guy and nurse.. they get to her and give her a barf bag and luckily i was still in the back of the plane… but she threw up. lots. luckily in a bag. I feel awful for the people in front of us, but hey what can you do? So this got it out of her system. She felt better after she threw up, but the pilot was concerned because he had heard about it the first time, so he asked me (yes there was 2 pilots on board so the plane wasnt flying itself) if we should have paramedics look at her in LAX. I was like yes probably since we are supposed to fly to ATL after we get off this flight. So sure enough the LA police department/paramedics come get her off the plane and i meet delta people and them in the terminal. Her blood pressure was back to normal and they said she was okay to fly if she felt ok. She def didnt have very much color and didnt look to fab but we wanted to get home. So… this poor delta woman who was really sweet but had trouble walking had to push this heavy wheelchair all the way through customs and to security and through the gate… Well the only good news about all this was the fact that we got to go to the front of the line for customs haha. It was great. But then… sucks for me. i had a cart and had to carry 2 huge bags and 2 duffels… along with my backpack on my back and her backpack on the front of me. it was a very funny site. I was like yuppp GOT IT. haha pushing this huge cart… unloading it to go through security.. reloading it… unloading it to be put in line to go back on our next flight. Oh dear. then we went through more security and Caitlin decided she could walk. She looked a wee bit better. So we thanked the very nice delta lady and changed in the bathroom to look cute to see our boy toys and fam. So then we got on the plane.. flight delta 124.. another disaster.

So we were about to be ready to pull out of the gate… im exhausted and STARVING at this point feeling sorta sick.. and we hear our luggage door wont close so we have to wait for them to fix it.. turns out it was the luggage loader that was broken and they got it fixed.. yes on our way to the runway for take off.. FAIL. Some valve light that pressurizes the cabin in the air was on.. so WE WENT BACK TO THE GATE. really its a big pain in the ass since we have to be pulled into the gate by a tow in.. so takes forever. So we get pulled in and mechanics check it. turns out the valve was faulty and wouldnt close. So they manually closed it, did paperwork and an hour behind schedule we were on our way AGAIN. at this point i really didnt wanna fly on the crappy plane, but i just wanted to get home so i didnt really care that much anymore haha. So we finally take off. The wheels sound awful when they are going back in the plane.. we all were looking out the window not thinking we would make it hah. So i finally fall asleep. I slept an hour, ate some pretzels, watched my free 6 minutes of hgtv.. then fell asleep again for an hour… then was awake til landing.. Caitlin luckily didnt get sick any more.. the flight attendants i think were very thankful cuz when we told them she had been sick they didnt seem very keen on her getting on the plane.. OH and i forgot when we went to get on the plane some delta lady tries to tell me im going to have to check my carry on backpack. i was thinking to myself..NO THANKS ITLL BE FINE. haha i was like ive been on 7 freaking flights before this and i havent had to check it, dont mess with me im cranky, very tired, stressed, hungry. NOT a good katelyn combo. It was about to be a Ben Focker from meet the parents scene. haha.

We get off in ATL FINALLY. home free. see the fam and boyfriends who brought flowers =] very exciting. Head home.. eat a nice good steak dinner, talk, give out souvenirs, go to bed around midnight and slept til 12pm the next day haha.

That ends my journey.
8 flights.. and a few thousand miles.. i wish i knew how far exactly. it was like 15000 just traveling lax->syd and syd-> lax… so along with the other 6 flights and travel around NZ i think i could have easily done 50,000 miles in a month. WOW.

Im still tired but glad to be home. Broke. very broke. But happy =] it was so worth it.


Lots of love from American Soil.. Katelyn


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