>Goodbye South Pacific!

>So I forgot to add a couple things about yesterday. During our climb we stopped to climb up a ladder and there was a crew member there. Before caitlin and I said anything he said lemme guess you’re Americans? We were like whattt? How’d u know that? He said we have really white teeth and Americans always have nice teeth. Haha. He then went on to immitate Americans like ohhh my gawd like yeah whatever like. We said that not how Americans sound! Haha so turns out we find out on our way down that he used to live in California. He then said I bet y’all miss your chick fil a! Haha we were like yesss ahhh!! Haha someone knows our pain of missing chick fil a! Lol it was really funny. We actually also learned about where finding memo was filmed and saw where all the seagulls were and the dentist office was supposed to be. So now I know all about nemos home! 🙂

Today we were bums. We slept til 8 woohoo. Then we went to the same spot for breakfast around 1015. We finally bought tickets for the bus and rode to bondi beach. It took like 35 minutes because we stopped like ever block. The beach was empty with the exception of a few surfers. There really wasn’t that many great shops. Caitlin did get a cute bathing suit. We ate at moo good burger and then took the bus back to our hotel sorta disapointed. I feel like it would be really fun when it was hot out. 🙂 

We sort of were bums the rest of the day. We have been to the harbour the past 2 days, we’ve walked around the city a lot and there just wasn’t anything else to do. So we have been really tired so I took a nap and then got ready for dinner. We ate at probably one of the best places we have eaten all trip. It was called Tony Romas. I’m pretty sure it’s American. I got some BBQ chicken with fries and some corn. 🙂 after dinner we stopped by the convenience store to get snack food for our long 24 hour travel day tomorrow. I can’t believe I’ll be home soon! I can’t wait. It’s been a really great adventure but I’m glad to be going home. So this will be the second to last post. I will update you on my travels when I get back! But thanks for following 🙂 

Can’t wait to see y’all! 

Bye bye Sydney! Bye Australia and South Pacific in general!
HELLO AMERICA! Be excited for my return!                             


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