>Climbing the harbour bridge!

>So today we climbed the harbour bridge! It wasn’t exactly what I expected, but it was still really cool. I actually wasn’t sure what to expect climbing a bridge. Of course it took us longer than we thought to get there… 45 mins because it was on the other side of the city haha. We like to walk everywhere, partly because we don’t feel like understanding the bus system and we want to also see the city by walking. So anyways, we got there right on time and it was the beginning of our experience. We watched a video about the bridge and then got brought into a room where we signed a form and had to blow into a brethalyzer. Haha… All clear 🙂 then we are brought into another room where we have to put on oh so cute jumpsuits over our clothes. We finally are brought into a room and meet our climbmaster. We get a bunch of straps put on us, some gloves and hats and a radio! We weren’t allowed to bring anything with us unfortunately because the views were amazing. We squised through some tight places in the beginning and for tall people it wasn’t the best cuz u had to go in between small bars. Dad you wouldn’t have fit very well.. But that was just the beginning. It really wasn’t a very far or long climb like I was expecting. Our guide took some pictures of us on the way up. We had a small group of just 6 of us, with me leading and Caitlin behind me, so of course we moved quick. The guide kept us at a decent pace telling us facts about Sydney all the way up in our headsets. It was really interesting especially since we don’t know a lot about the city, and we haven’t had an awesome field guide like Terry traveling with us. Did you know thy the sydney harbour is really not the sydney harbour? Technically the Sydney harbour is in Canada, according to military and official documents. What everyone thinks the Sydney harbour is really called the Jackson harbour. Our guide tried to convince us that it was named after him since his name was Jackson. Haha. Once we made it to the top the views were great! So beautiful 🙂 so then we climbed back down… In between rows of traffic… Boxed in of course. It was cool. So after we climbed the bridge we looked at our pictures. We got one individual each and a picture of the two of us, along with a group photo. We went to this restaurant called the Australian, which our guide recommended, and ended up paying too much for pizza. Although finally some sort of food was decent, just expensive. Geeze. No luck with food for us. We spent the rest of the day walking around the harbour then walking back to the hotel to relax and shower for a couple hours. We are dead tired from all the walking. We eventually made it to kings cross for dinner because we heard it was a popular place to eat and go out. Well yes there was a lot of restaurants, we ate at a decent place called the sugar something or other. The food was fairly cheap and we got steak for $24. Basically $5 more than lunch… Haha. We ended up wanting to get out of there quickly because we felt uncomfortable. So we got some water and went back to the hotel. We are now watching some tv- the apprentice and going to bed. Tomorrow we are headed to bondi beach to see what it’s all about. 

We have been really lucky with weather this past week thankfully. I’ll be home in 3 days. See y’all soon


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