>Koalas in Sydney!

>Last stop before back to Atlanta! Yesterday was fairly pointless. We actually slept in a little bit… til 820. Haha. We methodically packed and stuffed our absurd amount of bags in the baggage storage and checked out of the hostel. First we got some breakfast and used mcdonalds free wifi again. It’s been wonderful to have it! Then we shopped around the mall and the city. Caitlin got a cute bag like I did yesterday from the hippie place then we got a couple of great barrier reef shirts since we have bought little souvineers for ourselves but lots for others. Then we sat in mcdonalds for another hour. Looked up our hotel in Sydney because these people we met at the hostel just got in from sydney and told us that where we are staying isn’t bad. It’s right by Hyde park and only a 20 minute walk to the Harbour. They also told us that there is a free bus called the 555 that travels by central where we are staying right to the city. We have really met some great people always willing to help out. Turns out the hotel has a tv in the room! 🙂 thank goodness bc we have been so bored at night. 

So we head back to the hostel around 230 to get our bags out of the storage room. Well Simon told us he would be around and he’s nowhere to be seen. So we knock ferociously on his door and finally he answers 10 minutes later. He got us the key and we got our luggage no problem. Well we sit out front and wait for our shuttle at 3. Well 315 rolls around and nothing. So luckily Simon strolls downstairs and he offered to drive us but we feel bad so I just asked him to call the shuttle. Well turns out they had put it in the computer wrong and had us scheduled for 3 am not pm. Luckily Simon called or idk what we would have done. We got to the airport in pleanty of time and checked in. We went to the bathroom and changed clothes to the heavy things that were in our suitcase so a long dress jeans underneath and boots was what I wore. Oh and to top it all off I added my UGA hat. Haha.  The lady at check in listened to our story about how rude we were treated by virgin blue in sydney and she explained everything to us and was very nice. Apparently noone can override the extra fees and basically he was pawning us off to someone else. She told us to go online and write a complaint on the comment form since we know names of who was rude to us. We also got exit row seats out of it! But, In the end it turns out we still had overweight luggage but only $40! Wooohoooo. So I saved $30. Thank goodness. I can’t wait to fly delta again where it’s free for two bags. This domestic flight killed me with baggage fees. Oh well I can’t help it now.

So on our flight there was a really creepy guy that was sitting in front of us. He seemed always interested in every conversation and constantly paced the plane. I thought we might die for a bit… Therefore it was the longest flight ever. Well we finally landed safely and got all our baggage and barely fit into a station wagon cab. A nice couple noticed we had lots of bags so they gave us their station wagon cab in exchange for our small car cab. We made it to the hotel in like 20 minutes for only $25. We checked in got to our room, which has 3 twin beds so now we have a luggage bed and it is really spacious. then we showered, watched tv and went to bed. 

Today we woke up early yet again. Talked to the receptionist and booked our harbour bridge tour for tomorrow. We went to breakfast at a place called alexandrias at the park and looked at a bunch of brochures. We were trying to decide what zoo to go to, yes there are three zoos, so we asked the two girls at the table next to us. They told us we had to go to the taronga zoo, the main zoo in Sydney. Turns out we had a 45 minute conversation about Sydney and they asked us lots of questions about the US and loveddddd our American accents. That’s a first. We had lots of fun talking about American stereotypes and clearing a few things up. They loved hearing about sororities and all about Greek symbols. It was hilarious. So we took a scenic walk through Hyde park to darling harbour and the opera house. It was beautiful. 🙂 we took lots of pictures. 

Once we walked aroud a little bit and took pictures of the opera house and harbour bridge, we stopped at the ferry and got our tickets for the 1215 ferry to the taronga zoo! While we waited we got some yummy gelato! Love it! The ferry ride was short and less than ten minutes later we were at the zoo. We took the sky rail up to the zoo entrance and upon entering the zoo there was two beautiful parakeets that were rainbow colored so we took lots of pictures. Then we headed straight to the koalas exibit. For $10 each we got to go into the koala exhibit and take as many pictures as we wanted as close as we wanted to the two koalas. Turns out that one was sleeping and she had a baby koala in her pouch! It was only a couple months old and you couldn’t see it. The other one was awake which was amazing because koalas sleep for 18 hours a day! Our zoo keeper told us lots of koala facts. They only eat eucalyptus and they don’t drink water or anything so in order to save energy they sleep. They also have such a keen sense of smell that they smell out the best leaves and eat only the good ones with the least chemicals and toxins. After the koalas we saw the kangaroos! It was really cool. Not like a normal zoo. They’re just free to roam around and you’re like in their habitat and they jump around you. It was really neat! We then looked around the rest of the zoo where we saw elephants, lions, giraffes and more! During lunch we ate with the animals… Oh I mean with birds attempting to attack us! We ate fast and they were annoying. So at the end of the day we picked up our picture with the koala and took the sky rail back down. Once back across the water we walked to the rocks to look for a good restaurant and shopping but came up empty. We pretty much walked around the entire city. It’s very much like New York we have come to conclude. Fast paced, busy and people can be rude. Then again I’ve never been to New York but it’s what it seems like. It was really different. 

We asked someone in the mall area where a good place to go to dinner was. She directed us to a Chinese place in chinatown. Well we got there sat down and were not a fan of anything on the menu. So we felt bad but we got up and left. In Chinatown there was all chinese places… Fail. We ended up at a pub where we got stared at by creepy guys and ate microwaved pasta.  Let’s just say it was an unsuccessful food day. I hope we have better luck tomorrow. We did see a krispy creme so breakast shouldn’t be bad. I can’t wait to get back to American food! Ahh. We are so tired from walking all day so tv and bed is what we are currently doing. Tomorrow should be a lot of fun climbing the bridge! I’ll fill you in tomorrow! 3 days til home!! I miss everyone! Yay for seeing y’all soon! 

Love, K    


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