>Trinity beach

>Well we definitely got sun! We are so used to getting up early that we wake up by 8am every day. So this morning we packed up our stuff and headed to the bus station. Well it is closed on Sundays but we just saw a list of 3 beaches and some how figured out on the map that we needed to take bus 2a to get to trinity beach. Lucky for us we walk out right as the bus was pulling up! For a while we thought we didn’t get off at the right stop or something but 50 minutes later we made it to Trinity Beach. 🙂 it was absolutely beautiful! Even though it’s technically the start of their winter here you can’t tell at all. It was 80 degrees, not a cloud in the sky with a nice wind to keep you cool. We layed out until around 1 when we got pizza at this Italian restaurant. Thin pizza, really yummy. Then we layed out for a couple more hours getting slightly burnt in odd random places due to not enough sunscreen there. We took the bumpy bus ride back after listening to these girls with whiney voices talk about how they can’t believe they’re leaving soon and they’ve been here forever and what not. Yeah sort of like us but with whiney voices. Haha. We stopped in the hippy shop to look at some cool purses we saw. I ended up getting a cheap, cute $20 purse so I can store things in it to decrease the weight in my suitcase for tomorrows hassel with virgin blue airlines. Hopefully we can do a little better and get our extra baggage weight under $70 this time. We have been attempting to strategically pack and are planning on wearing heavy stuff like jeans tomorrow. Yes in 80degree weather. It better be worth it. After the purchase we strolled to the grocery and got some stir fry, steak, vegetables (for Caitlin not me, I don’t do vegetables haha) and headed back to he hostel to shower and make stir fry. Turns out either the sauce or the steak wasn’t the best and i didn’t enjoy it too much and my stomach hurts because of it. 

Anyway. It’s 930 and I’m about to go to bed. Belly ache and I’m so tired from the sun. Tomorrow we have to be out of our hostel at 10am and we aren’t being picked up til 3 for our 6pm flight. Talk about a luggage hassel. We can supposedly store our luggage so we shall see how that works since the office is closed 12-4 for a siesta? Are we in Mexico? Yeah I don’t get it either. Butttttt the owner lives upstairs and he said to get him when we want our bags so hopefully we wil be good. I think we are just going to layout tomorrow or chill around town then we fly into Sydney! Almost done! Tuesday for me, Monday for you, will be filled with the Sydney zoo and shops! Then Wednesday will be the harbor bridge and opera house! Any suggesstions from anyone who has been to Sydney?                   


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