>Great Barrier Reef!

>First day in cairns was a success. we booked our great barrief reef trip for today then shopped a bit and layed out by the beach but on grass, yes I had a towel, because they are redoing the lagoon. 😦 oh and random but get this… Grocery bags are $0.10 a bag here! Talk about wanting people to protect the environment… They should do that at some stores in America to make people bring the reusable bags. It would help… And also piss people off. So then we showered and made dinner- pasta duah at the hostel an that was an adventure. There was no oven, but a stove and bugs were in the kitchen and one flew on my plate!!! Gross. Everyone was laughing at us and thought we were loud and annoying. Typical. We decided since we aren’t with boys who will protect us and this towns a little sketch we won’t go out. So, sex in the city 2 was amazing! 🙂 we loved it.Caitlin wasn’t very smart at the movie. She went downstairs to get a coke icee and the lady said cash line here and Caitlin asked of coins counted as cash. LIKE REALLY? haha not super smart but the lady got a good laugh I’m sure. Then she asked for a cherry icee and it turns out it was a rasberry slush. Haha same thing right? After that, bed time, which was like 9am for all y’all in the u s of a. 

Today, we went to… Drum roll please… THE Great Barrier Reef!! Bradley would have been in heaven since he is obsessed with fish. But I have to admit it was really really cool! We took a 2 hr sailboat ride to the reef/green island. Nice at first then we had realllllllly rough waters today and it got annoying after awhile. No one threw up though- we took dramamine, so smart.  We rented a nice canon underwater camera to split between us and took turns taking pictures in the reef. The coral pics worked really well but the fishes were hard to get since they moved so much. Right before lunch it was fishy feeding time. The instructors threw in fish food and hugggggge fish swam up at ate it. There were thousands of ginormous fish like 5 feet long. I can’t even explain it. They were swimming all around us it was sorta scary! Then it gets better. There was a 5ft shark!!! We got a little scared but supposedly we didn’t know that we had been swimming with them the whole time. After we ate a nice huge lunch with lunch meat, bread, pasta and chicken a family of 4 huge sharks circled our boat swimming back and forth so dumb instructors feed them chicken wings! That was cool to watch. So we decided we didn’t really want to get in shark infested waters right then and there so we got on a mini speed thing and went to this island. It had a resort on it and was a national park. Here we just walked around and found a coconut! We peeled the outer shelling then cracked it open on a rock! It was so cool! It did smell bad and The lick I had didn’t taste good either. But it was still really cool! Don’t worry, we got pics. After that we got picked up and snorkeled a little more and swam with more sharks and giant fish that swam right up to you then sailed back for two hours. They had great food though! First fruit then wine and cheese then small cakes! 🙂 yumm! We were worn out, a mess and had extremely gross hair. So we walked back to the hostel, after we called and found out they only do drop offs no pickups… Wouldve been nice to know this morning. Butttttt oh well, not a far walk. We showered then went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner. They had chicken fingers!!! So yupppp that’s what I got! Now we are sitting in the food court stealing mcdonalds wifi! Haha it’s great. Nice and free! 

Miss everyone from our green group New Zealand! It’s not the same without y’all! Beach and laying out tomorrow! Yay for sun!!! 🙂           


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