>Last Night in Christchurch… Australia Bound

>So yesterday was our last full day in Christchurch. Til about 3 we were filling our course evaluations and then we took our final. It was open note, open book, and we were told it was going to be super easy but i thought it was a little bit harder than super easy. I still think I did well and the TA said shell grade easy.. but i needed a 92 to get an A- in the class so hopefully I pulled it off. Then last night we had a group dinner at Two Fat Indians… yes Indian food. I was not a fan so caitlin and i got burger king… for the second time of the day. Substantial dinner right? NOT. So after that everyone hung out together for our last night together! SO SAD. =[ let’s just say we had a bit too much fun! Haha. This morning we woke up… feeling great and managed to go to McDonald’s. We have actually been fairly productive. We got a late check out for 12, and then put in our laundry and I Skyped Justine. She just moved into our apartment!! AH SO EXCITING!!! But now time to pack, print my delta flight info get some lunch and head to the airport!! I can’t believe the 3 weeks is over. I completely flew by. But I do have to say that I miss me some good, normal food. I need some chick fil a ASAP. SO PARENTS: that is what i want for dinner when I arrive on June 11th. Chick Fil A. Southern Food. Amazing, I can’t wait.

If you’ve been getting bored with the blog dont worry I am 100% positive it will be 1000 times funnier this next week. Caitlin and I are traveling by ourselves around Cairns and Sydney with NO PLANS. Haha… we dont even know how or where our hostel is tonight and we dont get in til like 1015pm… and we have a code to get our keys to get into the hostel since itll be late and noone will be at the front desk… so who knows if we will even have a place to sleep tonight haha. It should be interesting. Talk soon MATE!!!


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