>People from Atlanta! :)

>My time in New Zealand is slowly coming to a close and these past couple days have been chill and fun. Last night me, Caitlin, Natalie, Jordan and Jenny all went to this nice dinner where Caitlin and I went before we left to travel– cayotes- great steak 🙂 so anyways it was an amazing dinner. Natalie got this wine called sauvignon blanc Saint Clair and it was absolutely amazing! We all were in love with it. Like it exploded in my mouth and I don’t even like wine and this is good 🙂 but the sad news is they don’t sell it in the states!! We are trying to find it. So if anyone knows where to get it keep your eyes out and lemme know. Also… Does anyone know if you bring alcohol home on the airplane and claim it in the USA if u have to be 21? Really need to know the answer to that question. But when we were almost done with dinner this family that was sitting close by walked up to us and asked where we were from. We said Atlanta, ga because clearly they were Americans too. Well it turns out that they are from norcross and went to wesleyan and are 20 and 21 and go to wake forest and unc! We talked for like 20 minutes as they told us all about Sydney because they already went before New Zealand. It was really funny that we are across the entire world and met people from Atlanta! I just can’t get over it. So after that we went to the pool hall and played pool with a buncha people in  our group and some in the others it was a lotta fun 🙂 

Today we had a free day! We basically did nothing haha. Slept in til 830 wooohoooo haha then Caitlin and I worked out even though the room said out of order. Oh well we didn’t get kicked out like others did later today haha. But after we showered and got ready we ate breakast and went to the grocery and then the warehouse which is basically like wal mart and got small duffels for all our extra luggage. 🙂 might be too small, we shall see! Then the lazy bums we were we sat in bed all day and watched dr phil, opera and some random tv as I talked to the parents and brad :). Tonight we ate at a good burger place called fat something with our “click” you could call it. Haha just Austin, phong, Jesse, and Lucas. We then went and played pool again at the pool hall. I really suck at pool. Oh well, Lucas isn’t much better and he’s always my partner so we lose everytime. But now time for bed as it’s 11:20 and we have a final at 10am! Should be easy they told us, all open book, open notes. Yay! So goodnight!!      


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