>Sheep in the road!!

>Soooo today was the last day traveling on the bus :(. Bittersweet. We drove a couple hours to a private reserve, Hinewai Reserve on the peninsula on the east coast of New Zealand. On our way there we got caught in the road due to sheep taking it over haha. It was hilarious. We almost hit sheep like a hundred times. It literaly felt like we were in a movie. Great end of trip highlight.  We listened to a talk from the guy that lives there and has taken care of it for over 20 years. Not gonna lie almost fell asleep haha but we learned a lot about this plant called gorse. It grows everywhere and is extremely prickly with little yellow flowers. Well johnnnn one of our teachers that was sitting in between me and Caitlin said to us: hmm this reminds me katelyn prickly and painful. Wonderful. How sweeeeet of him haha. Then we went on a short hike to a giant totara tree! Sounds like it should be some special tree, but really I just made it sound cool with a name bc I know every tree in nz haha. 

After the hike we ventured to a small French town on our way back to eat lunch. Yeah that’s about all I have to say about that town haha. Then back to Christchurch to chill. Now off to eat soon and hang out with everyone tonight since the blue group is back! Hope everyone has a good memorial day! I feel weird missing a holiday haha. 

Love kkkkk    


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