>So I’ve been extremely slack on updating this the past few days only because we really haven’t done much of anything. The rain on the end of this trip was a downer and definitely made activities not as fun and overall moral went down and we are all just tired and getting to the end of our ropes. And thennnn you have the added stress of modules to do and no one is happy. Yesterday we did another cultural Maori experience where we went to a real meeting room and house where the old Maori home once stood below it, and we got talked to by a Maori family. Then we went into the forest and learned about all the trees and their meanings also with trying this plant tea that supposedly heals you. I feel like I’ve learned more about the native maori than I know about American history. Actually I think I know more about New Zealand in general than the us haha. For those looking to do this study abroad next year dont underestimate the amount of work and learning you have to do. It’s a bit intense. I was up last night til 1am with basically everyone else writing the damn things. They are very specific on what they want and how they want it written. It can get annoying quick, especially when you have to hand write them and start over a million times. But we are finally done with them so that’s the good news! Other news, there is a big part of our group going to Fiji after this trip is over and there was recently a huge typhpiod fever outbreak that has been hindering if they would get to go or not. Well I guess the outbreak is being taken care of cuz they can still go as of now. Kinda scary though. I thought typhoid was non existent haha. 

We are currently driving back to Christchurch since we didn’t get to do the dolphin encounter. The sea was way too rough still, but good news was we all got $165 nzd or $111 usd back for not being able to go! Yay! That pays for my snorkling trip in the great barrier reef— which by the way the temperatures in cairns are in the 80s so I may come back with some color and not pale as can be like I am now haha, we shall see! 

Well time for a nap and to enjoy the countryside a little more before Christchurch. 5 days til Australia! 🙂 can’t wait!!

Oh and one more thing. Justine would be proud as well as a few others out there… Even though i said I would never do it I actually wore out boots, leggings and a tshirt to dinner last night. I know. Gross. Haha but it was easy and it was wet out so that was for all you pro leggings and big tshirt fans. But really.  gross. Haha

So more to add since I forgot to post this when I got to Christchurch. So first off the soft serve ice cream at burger king is amazing!!! It tastes like cake batter not ice cream and I’m in loveeee! 🙂 then tonight while we were in town Caitlin and I watched some kids set an all black store on fire!!! We freaked out and ran away around the corner and started screaming there was a fire an literly within two minutes 7 fire trucks showed up and the fire was put out. It was so intense!!  So my night had a lot of excitement like who really gets to see a building catch on fire!?! Anyways now time for bed as we have one last hike tomorrow!!

Nighty night!!


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