>There’s gotta be one bad day in there somewhere right? Along with a lotta rain…

>So yesterday basically sucked. Prova the worst day here haha. We woke up at the crack of dawn, didn’t get to skydive, went to this awful and boring sanctuary conservation place that Caitlin and I couldn’t pay attention at all. Jenny always tells us when we do anything- “Katelyns, let’s focus!!” haha it’s so funny but anyways then we had a plant quiz and module discussion. Just boring and long. Then we couldn’t find where everyone went to dinner and supposedly no one in the town knew of it but we eventually found it ate some okay food then left. At least we got to watch some American tv last night. We watched the American idol finale which was good 🙂 idk if anyone else watched it too haha but we did! 

Today we got up and drove a few hours to kaikoura. On the way we stopped to go see a baby seal colony. They were so so so cute! One just walked right up to me and let me take pics of it. It was great. We just got done with a walk on the coast around a peninsula in the….. You guessed it… THE RAIN! Haha so fun—nawwwwt. Haha now back to the hostel and I’m gonna try and call justine!!! Yay then writing modules and bed. We aren’t even sure if we get to go swim with the dolphins because there is bad storms and supposed 12 foot swells. I would be real upset if we didn’t get to do that 😦 but oh well nothing I can do. So this almost finishes my time in new Zealand! Only a few more days! Ah weird!! It’s going to be so weird when I come back and see people driving normal and not trying to convert every purchase into American dollars and actually having to stop at stop lights and ohhh traffic suck. It’ll be odd. I really don’t mind our 3,4,5,7,8 hr bus rides because the scenery is so pretty and you can just stare and time passes so fast. I’ll definetely miss it here but I’m about ready to be home too I miss brad, friends, and family. 🙂 

Love y’all!         


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