>St. Arnauld and Motueka

>So as I sit at the skydiving place and wait for the weather to clear I’ll fill ya in on the past few days. So when we were in St. Arnauld we went on a hike up the mountain above the treeline. It was intense to say the least, my body hurts still. It was pooring down rain as we scaled the side of the mountain haha. I had on shorts a tshirt and my thin rain jacket bc it was such a hard climb. Luckily I bought a rain cover for my pack so that came in handy. It was too hot to have the hood up so my hair was soaking wet it looked like I showered. So anyways as I was literaly crawling on my hands and knees we finally got to the top. It was a really good accomplishment since like half the group or more didn’t come. We were above the clouds and it looked like a white background. It was such a big temperature difference I couldn’t even feel my hands it was so weird. So after we hiked four miles straight up we turned around and went straight down. Killer on the knees and so wet and slippery. So of course me being me I slipped a few times and got muddy and wet but Caitlin fell too this time right on her butt haha it was so funny. Overall it was this hardcore 8mi hike.  So then as we were shivering we got back on the bus and traveled to motueka. We stayed at this beautiful place where we had our own kitchen and living room where we actually had a tv!!! 🙂 we were so excited it was so close to being American haha we had a bathroom for 3 of us and Caitlin and I shared a room with our own twin beds and Jenny had here own room with a queen bed! So we went to the grocery store and me Caitlin jenny and Jordan all decided we wanted to use our kitchen, save money and cook for the next two nights so we got chicken stir fry stuff to make and chicken parm 🙂 so we cooked some stir fry and just hung out in our room all night with everyone cuz somehow our room turned into the happenin place 🙂 then we woke up yesterday and went on a four mi hike along the coast to the beach to go kayaking! It was so so so much fun! It was Caitlin and I in a kayak together haha of course it gets interesting… we all put our kayaks together and Lucas got our ran across the middle and then jumped in then of course phoeng did it in his speedo. After that we were on our way around the island and we got to see some cute seals :). We stopped at an island and played this game with our paddles haha interesting to say the least. Oh and I put my camera in this aqua case and it stayed dry. I even threw it across the water for phoeng to take a picture of us lol it was great. Oh annnnnd we got to see a penguin! It was called a little blue penguin. So cute. We got to see twoooo of them. So exciting. So here comes the BEST PART. We were on our way in to shore and we put up our rutter and right as we did that we turned sideways and a wave came and flipped our kayak haha. Of course it only happened to us. We couldn’t stop laughing and I’m pretty sure Caitlin peed herself a bit. I was more worried about our stuff that anything else haha. So then we were wet for yet the second day in a row on the way back to where we were staying. I made dinner and it was great chicken parm, pasta, salad, and garlic bread. So good. And best part we only paid $16 each for dinner for two nights. Then we were so tired that we put on serendipity and I fell asleep. Oh well before that we watched the boy in the striped pajamas and it’s about the holocaust and it was so sad. Don’t watch it haha. Butttttt anyways we went to bed and I didn’t sleep well since I was freaking out about skydiving today. Well we get up at 6 and get picked up by the skydive place and the first group gets ready. They go up in the plane then Caitlin and I get in the jump suits and they tell us the other group is jumping soon so we go out to watch and next thing we know they tell us there’s a giant ice sheet and it’s -15 degrees celcius and sleeting up there an they are not jumping so we have to wait for the weather to get better. Turns out it just starts raining so they told us we can’t do it. For the second time. Not meant to be? Idk so I think I’ll wait til I get back to the states and go another time. I’m tired of worrying about it so we will just wait and see! But now we are headed to do our service learning project where we cut down weeds then take a plant quiz and stay in Nelson for the night and we head to kaikora to see seals and swim with wild dolphins. Then back to Christchurch. It’s so weird it’s almost over! Wow. Then off to Australia! Yay I’m super excited this has been so much fun! 

Gotta go study! I’ll fill y’all in again soon! Loveee.     


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