>Pancake rocks!

>So to start off I did forget that we went to a jade jewerly store. They are famous for making jade on the west coast so we went and saw how it was made and such. It’s different I guess, definitely not diamonds haha. 

So to start off yesterday, we got to sleep in til 740! Wooohoooo. Haha it’s so sad that’s sleeping in but we’ve been getting up at 630 so it was wonderful. We all didn’t wanna get out of bed because it was hardcore raining-more rain. Yessss, not. Caitlin and i somehow got stuck at the back of the bus… Bummer, but anyways then we headed to a nice town called grayson where andy had to ge our tire fixed and we shopped. I got some super cute cheap brown boots I’ve been looking for at home 🙂 yay. I’m definitely going to need another suitcase to come home haha. After that we were off to the pancake rocks where we stopped for lunch at walked around these really flat rocks stacked on each other. Artistic haha. We really didn’t do too much yesterday bc then we just drove four hours to St. Arnauld and I slept the entire way. Not much else you can do on these bus rides, it’s iPod and sleepy time haha. So then we get here and shower and eat this amazing dinner we all pitched in $10 for steak kabobs, mashed potatoes, pasta, salad, and soda. It was amazing! 🙂 but to spoil this amazing dinner I spent the next 4 hrs writing and editing modules aka crappy school work. We were all struggling with these and it was a whiney house. What sucks even more is you write it then professor edits it and you have to rewrite the entire thing bc we don’t have computers here. So that sucked. But I finally got to talk to Bradley and mommy and daddy. Time difference is so hard because I’m so busy all day that the other side of the world is asleep when I have time to call. But then we all went to bed and today we woke up to a breakfastbof bacon and eggs and more yummmy. We are all staying in this house that has a kitchen a living room and a buncha bedrooms and it’s just us it’s cool and different. It is a new adventure where we stay like every day haha you never know what it’ll be like. Today is lecture then we are going on a long hike up a mountain. Yeah nothings new haha. Supposedly it’s harder than the 12 mile hike we did at routenberg. Ugh. Again you’d think id be in such good shape but nope we eat too much for that. Anyways off to learn and explore. Oh and I’m finally skydiving if it’s good weather on Thursday!! At like 7am so that’s like 3 pm wednesday for y’all! Im so nervous ahhh can’t wait! 



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