>Long one from the past 3 fun days :)

>I don’t even remember the day count anymore I think I’ve been off but I think we are halfway now. So the past couple days have provided lots of interesting things to blog about. We left queenstown on Friday morning for me (thur afternoon for y’all) and headed to fox glacier. On the way we stopped at Fork Farm. We thought it would be super boring, but it was actually really fun!! Finally what we’ve been looking forward to–seeing sheep! Haha. Well it was mainly a sheep farm so we watched the sheep dogs herd the sheep into different pens and it was really cool to watch. We got up close and personal and of course I got lots of pictures and touched the sheep!! They also had cattle and deer as well–brad you wouldve been in heaven with all the 18 pointers we saw! It was really pretty as always but ive definitely decided i could never be a farmer too gross and too much work and quite smelly. Oh and I decided to wear Chacos that day, not so smart my shoes were gross and when we all got back on the bus the floor was disguisting. But we were on our mary way and headed to fox glacier. We stopped for quick views a little too much as I was really tired from all the queenstown activities and just wanted to sleep during the ride that day. But by the afternoon there was no way that was happening. The first exciting thing was as we were driving we heard a really loud noise like we ran over a suitcase or something but turns out after driver Andy pulled over it was a flat tire on the right inside back wheel. So we all had to get off the bus and oh how convenient we were next to a walking trail. Haha so field guide terry took us on a walk and about ten mins of walking through wet mud (let me remind you I had on chacos) Caitlin and I turned around with some others haha. I’m fairly certain some people were happy as we kept complaining about the gross mud. But the group of us had walked back and watched andy changed the tire and Brein attempt to hitch hike. You see she was supposed to skydive that afternoon when we got there but that wasn’t going to happen due to the flat. Shed been trying to skydive for the past 3 days but cloud cover was too heavy in queenstown.  She actually flagged down a couple cars but we wouldn’t let her go. Hitchhiking isn’t illegal here, actually a lot isn’t. There is very little cops too. It’s so different. So after we got the tire situation fixed we were back on our way to fox glacier. Well surpiseeee we are on the west coast and got to stop and watch the sunset at the beach on the Tasman sea. It was gorgeous and I’m glad I got to see the beach. 🙂 so we finally ventured in to fox around 545pm. Caitlin and I took record time showers and got ready and we had a group dinner at lake matheson cafe. It was Italian and fairly good. But everyone else loved it I’m just too picky. But then we ended up going to bed fairly early since we were all tired. 

Yesterday we woke up early and headed for a walk around lake matheson at 7am. It was a 3 mile walk where we saw the mirror image of mt cook in the reflection. I forgot my camera. Yeah dumb but I’ll get some pics from John and it’ll be ok it was fairly dark out the sun hadn’t rised fully yet. After that we had a module discussion and ate lunch then headed to fox glacier! We started out with our tour guide Geoff and walked through the rainforest uphill for almost a mile. Yeah we lovvvve all the uphill walking–and I thought Georgia was hilly. We then got to put on sweet crampons on our boots-which they gave us to wear and they were so heavy! But the point of the crampons was so we wouldn’t fall on the ice. It was a very cool, strange feeling to be on a glacier. They carved out stairs for all the trails and it has to be recarved or picked at daily. It’s intense and was really fun. After that we stopped back in town to eat then walked back as it started to rain. We chose to stay in and go to bed early. 

Today… We got up and then the two people that had really wanted to skydive-brein and cody- got to do it but super fast! Like in less than an hr they were up and down. Haha they got no training. So then we headed to a dairy farm up the road. It was basically gross and reinforced I could never be a farmer. The cows poop everywhere but watching the automatic milker was cool. We even got to drink some of the milk. It wasnt too bad there was just a little sour after taste. Then we headed to hokitika. We stopped at the grocery to get food for tonight where Caitlin and our two roommates Alli and Stephanie came back and made pasta and ravilolli and garlic bread and peas. Really yummy. Wish we had our own kitchens more places— which reminds me this place we r staying in like basically on the beach and so nice. I wish we got to stay more than one night. We have a kitchen a huge living room and table a tv and me n Cait have a room n steph n Alli have a room and I got the huge queen bed 🙂 love it. It’s so funny we are so excited about this place but we haven’t had a real bed to sleep in for awhile it’s just been bunks where I’ve been stuck with top bunk. Yuck. Anyways we walked to the beach tonight but it’s been raining. Sucks. We lynxes ourselves by saying we’ve had great weather haha whoops. But bed Time for me almost 8am for you. Haha tomorrow is a walk to pancake rocks then to matika or something with an m?? Lol 

Loveee much! I may have forgot something I’ll think! 🙂


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