>Day 9- Chair of Death


We had a free day today in Queenstown! I had the time of my life! =] Caitlin and I had planned to go sky diving today at 930, but we woke up and it was really cloudy/foggy today, just like yesterday so we decided before we got ready to sky dive we would go over to the place to make sure it was still on. Well we got push back to 1130… so we decided to look around and see what else there was to do since yesterdays group got canceled for sky diving we figured ours would too. SO we went to the canyon swing place since we KNEW we did not wanna bungy jump. It looked cool, scary, awesome… so we decided we would do that if sky diving fell through.

We had lots of time so we went and ate breakfast at McDonalds (AGAIN- so fattening i know, but theres not much else) then we went shopping of course at this awesome store called Glassons. Basically obsessed. I got a tank top and a shirt for $30 the other day, and we decided to go back and look. OF COURSE i found this adorable high waisted black with white polka dot skirt, and i got 2 tank tops (red and blue) that can go with it. Then I also got a black high waisted skirt that can go with like anything and some eye shadow… turns out today was 25% off ALL DAY. how perfect!? So then we hung out at the hotel for a wee bit then dropped caitlin’s pics off to be loaded to a disc then found the weather was a no go again so we just canceled sky diving and booked ourselves for the 12pm canyon swing.

We went back to the hotel and found out that Natalie and Austin were canyoning too!! YAY!!! So we went to the place and they weighed us and wrote stupid drawings on our hands that im pretty sure meant nothing… but they said it was weight class–idk i think they were just trying to scare us. SO the funny thing is, i got a FISH on my hand and she didnt even know my last name was fish! It was a good sign wasnt it? haha well at least i took it that way… then we all traveled like 15 mins to the Valley to canyon. It was so beautiful… actually really really nice out there which was funny–not cloudy like in queenstown. So… I was really scared haha. There were so many different jumps to chose from. Basically if you don’t know what canyoning is it’s where youre strapped in a full bungee and u can jump off or fall off or really anything you want off this 300ft cliff, free fall 60m, and then swing into a canyon with water below. so beautiful!!! My first jump i chose to do the chair of death haha. For this one you sit in a chair and they put it backwards to the canyon and they tease you and then push you off and you do a back flip into the canyon! The scariest part for me was actually coming back up haha idk why but it was lol…

The second jump was called Gimpboy goes to Hollywood! Haha. This one you are straight down and your legs crossed at the top. I was more scared for this one. They love to mess with you-especially Harry haha. He was hilarious. But anyways you feel like you are bungee jumping going straight down into the canyon– I ended up moving my arms it looked like i was swimming haha. I am so happy I did it though! It was well worth it and so much fun… oh and the 2nd jump was only 15$ this month and it went to the Heart society for children. So i jumped for a good cause =] haha check out my Facebook: it has 2 videos and a full album of pics.

Caitlin and Natalie and I all did the same 2 jumps, and then Austin did the back jump and this really cool nifty one they had made up. He had to get into a different suit and all that was made of plastic and velcro. Extra Sturdy. He was on his stomache facing the back of the canyon and then went straight down looking at the water, he said it was amazing!!! Don’t worry Laura I was watching after him, haha. He’s great. Everyone is having so much fun and I am so glad that we did this.

Of course they messed up my video and i had to stop by and pick it up 2 hrs later, so when we got back we went to fergburger to kill time-and we were starving!! We didnt wanna eat before for fear we may throw it up haha. So fergburger is an amazing burger joint. Loved it. Fattening i’m sure haha. Then we went shopping again at Glasson’s bc natty wanted to go. Of course I found another shirt and black shorts– only cost me $23 american dollars-amazing right!?? haha its bc the shorts were so cheap since they are on sale since it’s going into winter here–great for us since when we get back to the states itll be summer! YAY! haha. Sorry-i am just wayyyy too excited for the warm weather! Anyways tonight is our last night in queenstown before we head to Fox glacier where we may get to sky dive there–supposedly its the 2nd best place in the world to do it! If not then Cairns, Australia itll be!!

We also found out that we can canyon just outside Sydney in the Blue Mtns, so we may just do that too! It looks super fun-especially after I saw Feeney’s pics!!!

I love Queenstown and don’t wanna leave. I hope ill have internet in Fox, we shall see!!

Love you all!!!


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