>Days 7 and 8? i think haha

>So i have been super busy, and i’m out of internet time for the next 3 days so after i let everyone know im okay from sky diving tomorrow my phone will be off til saturday, after the fox glacier hike.

Yesterday we went to a windfarm on our way to queenstown, sort of interesting. Then we got into Queenstown around lunch time. Caitlin and I went to Subway–thinking it would be just like the US right? NOT. the turkey was so gross, and it was just not the same, so sad. So then we came back to our hostel, which by the way is soooo nice. i love it. i’m sitting in the internet cafe place right now in the hostel there are so many computers, and theres a huge rec room and nice kitchen and cinema, then our room is huge and it’s a 6 girl room so 3 bunk beds and we got a balcony too, its so great! it connects to the boys balcony so upon arriving we snuck ino their room and took their luggage haha, but anyways… then we went shopping haha typical us. i got a realllly cute shirt thats coral—JUSTINE YOULL LOVE IT!!! interesting fact smirnoff is made differently here and supposedly a really nice
vodka.We then went back and we had a plant quiz. so hard. not. and a wonderful speaker. then FREEEE for then night. This left us to order some half off pizza from the hostel and play some pool and drink with everyone.

We started off the night at a restaurant where we met some of the rest of the crew called Red Rock, the guy informed us that he didnt like “bloody americans” bc we are lazy, fat, and have whiney voices haha. Everyone seems to get along really well here no big drama its really nice.

Todayyyy. we got up and got ready in the dark. We went to McDonalds for greasy breakfast and they dont have biscuits here. ODD. Then we traveled 40mins to Rotenburg track and had the funniest tour guides. We knew we were in for a long hike but didnt think too much about it. Well it was 7 hrs and 12 miles total. YEAH, i am completely DEAD, my body wants to kill me. It was through a forest and really pretty and there was streams and nature haha. It was slightly uphill but not bad for the first 2 hrs.. then we decided to take the torturous hike to this hut with a waterfall.. it was ONE HOUR UPHILL THE ENTIRE WAY. SO ridiculous! I almost died haha… but i made it, best workout… the bridge was washed out/broken at one point so that was intense getting across another way… we made it to the hut and then got to eat lunch and enjoy this wonderful waterfall while we hung around. Of course Phong got in again… in his speedo, again, haha oh dear. it was WAY colder up there than on the hike up. We were 1000ft above sea level. Then after like 30 minutes we headed back down, and downhill was WAY better than uphill, although being the klutz i am i did fall 3 times. dont worry we have a picture the last time. the first time i slide on a rock on the way down then the next 2 my ankle gave out–sorry mom i think we needed to buy hiking boots, my shoes are good, but we go on intense hikes, and i almost broke my ankle like a million times…. so by the end of the hike we were absolutely dead. i couldnt move. my body is going to hurrrrrt like hell tomorrow, cuz it already does now. But good news is that i burned like 3500 calories today.. that =s one pound haha =]. Oh and one more thing on the hike we got to drink FRESH stream water!! it was amazing. we took it straight from the steam and it wasnt touched by human hands!! As much as i would love to say this trip is getting me in shape, i can’t we have a lot of sitting and down time and bored eat so much haha, theyre all about stopping for food and at grocery stores lol.

I am having so much fun though, and i really really like queenstown so far. We have a free day tomorrow so Caitlin and I are going skydiving… yes me jumping out of an airplane, at 930 am our time… but i doubt we will jump til like 11.. then again we might not jump at all. the group that went today got canceled bc there was heavy heavy cloud cover, and i think its supposed to be like that tomorrow–its supposed to snow here friday, wonderful haha. but we shall see if we all get to out tomorrow to jump, if not then fox glacier is also an option too, which is where we head on friday! Then the rest of tomorrow we have free and we are going to shop! they have cool stores here, some expensive, some not but i cant wait. we may go to the botanical gardens too and who knows what else. Ill fill you in. Wish me luck skydiving tomorrow…. ahh im so nervous but excited too!

Time for dinner and modules (aka homework. yuck) but this trip is so great! i def wanna come back here some day and spend some time in the north island and def in queenstown for longer. Hope youre all having fun in the summer heat, i forget its even warm at home, haha totes jeal.

Oh one more thing i keep forgetting to post… we learned some words at the beginning of our trip and our oh so funny friend lucas has adopted the word RANDY as his favorite… it means horny. so it is a constant word thrown around between the group. very funny and entertaining we all just laugh and are like ommmmg lucas. haha he tells everyone he’s randy, its so great.


CHEERS!! Katelyn


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