>Days 3-4 sorry haven’t had much Internet to post

>Day four and five

Yesterday was our first travel day. We packed all our belongings and left hotel so for lake tekapo and mt cook. We met our bus driver for the next 2 1/2 weeks named Andy and our field guide traveling with us as well named Terry. They’re so great and Terry really knows his stuff.  We had a wonderful bus ride over where we switched seats often to “get to know” everyone. Soon everyone became our “buddies”. The bus ride was beautiful and soon enough everyone cameras came out for pictures galore. We stopped at lake tekapo for lunch and some great scenic pictures. Once again strange food… I got a cheeseburger and it had onions cooked into the meat. Then we got back on the bus and stopped at Ben Ohau and talked to Simon Cameron about his farm and 10000 acres of land. We learned about the tenure process an what land he got to keep vs the land given up for conservation.  It was really pretty. Also, a scene of lord of the rings was filmed there in the second movie and he was paid 35k. Lucky him right? He even got to meet famous people. So far Caitlin and I have been made fun of lots-so typical. Idk why they choose us to pick on alwayyys. 

Then we got to glentanner park where we had a not so good dinner of curry and rice. We are in a room with 8girls total so it’s virtually impossible to walk around in it. It’s not very comfy and the beds are gross. I really wish I brought a pillow case. The shower process was also interesting and it’s community showers not too far but not close to us either. Hoping the net hostel will be better. We had to finish our modules last night before bed which is basically all the work we do here. It’s a one page (250 word) response to each of the four questions we have. We answer it based on readings and lecture or speakers. 

So today we went to mt cook to go on a valley hike. We are talking a lot about glaciers and I am actually glad I took geography last semester because it’s helping me a lot here to understandthe terminology. Today was all about alpine glaciers which I wrote an essay for my final on so I’m a pro on those haha. The hike was three miles each way and supposedly a flat easy hiking terrain HAHA notttt. It was so rocky!! But it was really pretty. We crosses over swinging bridges and all. It was intense. Once we got across one of the bridges there was a large group of Asians. I guess they hadn’t seen a lot of Americans because this Asian man came up to me and Caitlin and pushed his wife next to us and took a picture of the three of us haha. We were also giants next to her it was so strange we couldn’t stop laughing. The hike was through hooker valley and when we got to the end there was little icebergs floats in the water. A guy named phong thought it was a good idea to strip down to his speedo h was wearing and get in the ice cold 30degree or colder water. So smart. He tried to climb on top of an iceberg and he was so numb he didn’t realize that he was being cut haha. Then we walked back and we were all so tired. We became good friends with Natty lite, jesse jammmes, and Lucas. 🙂 they’re great! 
Something strange that I’ve noticed here… There is not that many cars on the road and you can hear the sound of a car coming and going for miles. It’s really different and cool. Other than that it’s really quiet here. It’s nice and peaceful. Dinner was actually really good tonight. We had chicken breasts and wings and mac and cheese. They even gave me a hugeeee bowl of ketchup for the potatoe slices 🙂 

It’s only 730 pm here and I’m exhausted. I haven’t exercised that much in so long. My body is so tired and I just wanna sleep. It probably doesn’t help we get up at like 630 am everyday, not that I could sleep that much later anyways due to time change. 

We are about to stargaze since the sky is so clear on the trampoline outside. We wanted to start a fire bc we thought there was a BBQ pit but it turns out there isn’t bc it’s a “fire hazard”. So stargazing in the cold it is. There are so many more stars here though. It’s really clear and beautiful! 

Tomorrow we travel to Te Anau and it’s a really really long bus ride. So that’ll be interesting. But I’m excited! 🙂 I’m having lots of fun!! I miss everyone at home and my puppies!

Lovvvvve lots!


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