>Day 6

>Day 6: te anau

Today we spent most of our day on a 7 hr bus ride to Te Anau. I thought i was going to hate the bus rides more but I actually havent minded them. The scenery is absolutely beautiful and it provides for a nice ride. I didn’t sleep well the night before bc some girl was snoring so I was awake til 1130 then woke up 1000 times throughout the night. Oh it probably didn’t help that I tried to do laundry and I forgot about it so I had to wait another 40 mins for it to dry since of course Caitlin fell asleep. So I just couldn’t sleep. But I slept a little on the bus. 

Annnnnyways, we got to Te Anau and went to the grocery store. I got some yummy chocolate to bring back for y’all to try! It’s so good. It tastes like a twix but a little different and better. Then we went to the visitors center and were supposed to have a speaker but he didn’t show. Therefore it was shower and dinner time 🙂 

We walked like a mile to a local bar and grill and make friends with the bartenders haha. It’s been a fun night but my feet are killllllling me. We gotta get up at 630 am Tom to travel to Milford sound for a scenic cruise.  Excited!!! 🙂 love and miss you all. Skydiving in 4 days in queenstown I’m so nervous. Ahhhhhhh! 🙂

Love meeee 


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