>Day 3: Way to go new zealand

>Day 3: Way to go New Zealand

So today started out a bit late haha. We made it to class right as the speaker started and then sat and listened to two more til 1 pm. Then we went to burger king for lunch-good ole American food and the grocery to get some fruit for the next few days. We had to be at the museum at 2 for a tour so we dropped our stuff off at the hotel and put on shorts because it was 75 degrees today!!! Yeah thats right I went to a cold country during their winter and it was 75 out!! Well then we GET LOST. typical. We were told to meet at the museum so we looked at the map then I guess looked at it wrong so when we got to the church we went right instead of left. 15 minutes the wrong direction. We finally asked an older woman and she told us it was at least a 20 min walk the other way. Supposedly if you’re late you write a 500 word essay so we were freaking out. Ended up running for a block or two. Then high tailed our butts there 15 mins late but we caught the group right as the tour began. Thank goodness. After the museum which wasn’t very fun we shopped!! 🙂 I didn’t get anything though. Its weird here, whenever you buy something with your credit card they check your signiture. The girl at the outdoor store thought it was funny they did it here in nz and said, “good one New Zealand” haha we thought it was funny. I did mail my post cards to the fam and Bradley 🙂 

Tonight we went to a Maori reinactment and it was pretty cool. They then fed us some Maori food which was good- typical meat. Oh and I ate lamb for the first time. Yummmm. The Maori hit on me and Caitlin and asked us to come home with him I think as a joke and I told him we aren’t allowed to go home with locals haha. Everyone got a kick outta that bc that’s what instructor bruce told us we can’t do haha

Later tonight we went out with some friends for the first time. They are strict on Ids here, no fakes fo sho. Even though the drinking age is 18. They check your bags before you go in, and jackets, no shorts, no hats. It’s weird. Just security everywhere. Tightly run joint. We went to Maliba I think that’s the name idk I’ll check before we leave tomorrow. The girls there dance soooo weird. Well everyone does!! They dance like robots! It’s all techno and strange haha. They also don’t hve grenadine here either. But it was fun but we left at 1130 to go pack. Gotta get up at 630 Tom to head to mount cook! We leave at 8am and don’t get there til sunset. Ugh.  

Idk if I’ll have service til I go to Queenstowne next week. We shall see! Miss everyone! Email me or Facebook stories! Kef2012@gmail.con

Love and kalakaroui-be well,


oh and I just skyped my mommy and daddy bc it’s already now 8am at home haha and I haven’t gone to bed yet here. Funny.


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