>Day two…. Class begins

>Day 2: class

Today was class for the first day. We just had a variety of speakers about nz and the environment and protecting it and stuff. 
Lunch seemed promising. Then it failed us miserbly, we walked way far then got pasta-seemed American right? NOT. Everything here tastes Asian and the pasta wasn’t good. But hey mom you’ll be happy I tried new things.
We went to the grocery store to get some breakfast food and bread and pb and j since we wil be traveling and on the go a lot. Then we shopped, did some homework and found a great place for dinner called cayotes. Thank god it was normal American food. They didn’t even card us for drinks! Made us super happy. 

So some random differences we noticed over the past couple days…I guess you could say it’s been a slight culture shock. There is a green man in the cross walk to tell you to go instead of a white man, and a red man instead of orange to tell you to stop. Whenever you say thank you they say it’s fine. Haha not your welcome. It’s so strange. There is a very large Asian population here. You also don’t tip and there is no tax which is really nice lol. We had to download a currency converter app on our phones since we have to convert so much to see how much everything costs in usd. It’s been very helpful to say the least. 

We have a full day ahead of us tomorrow. Time for some tv and an early night to bed again- we are saving our energy and money to go out when we travel. 



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