>Finally here Down under 30 hrs later!

>Day one:
Plane ride: if the flight from lax to syd wasn’t cancelled for the crew the night before we would of had an empty flight. But instead we got stuck with a packed flight for 15hours. We sat next to bridget from Vermont the chatty Cathy who was travelling with her boyfriend to see her twin sister whose been studying abroad in Sydney all semester. The ride actually wasn’t too bad, surpisingly it went by fast to me. I watched Dear John, law abiding citizen, and did you hear about the Morgans. I slept very little. Maybe two to three hours total. Our flight sat on the runway for an hour before takeoff so we had to run through customs and baggage claim to the emirates check in to drop off bags for flight 3 through the mall of the sydney airport to gate 60 to Christchurch. We made it on, sweaty and all. Oh and did I mention the drinking age is 18 so me and caitlin ordered drinks since her birthday was skipped over with the time change/intl date line. Yes it was 9am and the male flight attendent said isn’t it a little early to be drinking? Haha we has to explain it’s 8pm where we are from, was caitlins birthday, and we had been on a plane for almost 26 hours now and we wanted some vodka sprites. Oh crazy Americans. Attempted to read the course pack, didn’t get too far. Chose to watch love happens instead. After a full day plus of flying I was actually ready for bed, but it was only just the beginning for me. It was 2 pm when we landed in New Zealand and off we went to Hotel So for the start to our adventures.

Ok so THRY DRIVE ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ROAD. SO COOL. Mountains everywhere cool beautiful weather. Met a friend named matt when searching for an ATM who also is doing the nz program. So lucky we have someone else searching for the hotel.   

So we have a orientaion talk. I find out Caitlin and I are group green 🙂 with teacher John Mayer lol. Going to be a fun trip! Idk how much Internet access I’ll have once we leave christchurch because I didn’t have service in the more remote area of Christchurch. So we will see.

The people here dress well I guess Interesting… Punk ish it’s weird. Hmm  

But I gotta get up at 7am for class tom. That’s 3pm atl time. Soooooo hopefully I’ll sleep til then idk. But I’m exhausted more later 🙂 

Lots of love from down under,



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