>Day of Departure


But 1st HAPPY MOTHERS DAY. My mom is the best and I’m going to miss her lots…. Anyways,

After spending the day yesterday packing and making oh 3-4 target runs and a trip to REI I finally think I have everything packed and ready to go. I did have a suitcase crisis when I realized after all was packed that my bag weighed 59 lbs. It’s supposed to be 44lbs for the trip but it now weights 48lbs and sorry I cant take annnnything out. Idk why it has to be 44lbs because all the flights im taking it can be 50lbs so that’s what I am going with. SO we will see what the airport says haha.. I may be taking stuff out and crying at the baggage line.

It’s weird thinking its going to be the total opposite of America when I step off that plane. Here it’s warm, filled with things of comfort such as Brad, the fam, my friends, my bed, Athens.., Chick Fil A, texting, and the other countless comforts I have. I will be embarking on a new journey and I am excited to see where it leads me, but nervous at the same time. There’s no going back now. It’s me, Caitlin, and the sweet airport seat for the next 24 hours. AWESOME. Did I mention we have to change planes in LA? That’s gonna be interesting. I’m going to know airport travel realllly well by the end of this trip haha. It should be interesting since I haven’t flown in ohh 6 years–since I was a Freshman in HS– oh and IVE NEVER BEEN OUT OF THE COUNTRY. HA. This will be great.

Stay tuned for some interesting stories about airport travel in the next couple days.. or who knows, an update could appear in LA if something really funny happens.



Sincerely yours…. Katelyn


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