>4 Days til Departure

>So as finals finish up and I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off buying back textbooks through Belltower Books, I am also trying to make sure I have everything done and set and packed for my trip across the world on a 24 hour flight with my best friend Caitlin.

Sunday is going to come too fast. Which means, no phone calls–unless you skype me- Katelynfish– no texting as it will be turned off sunday since it is 50 cents a text– but if you have an itouch or iphone download the textnow app and you can text me for free– my address is kef2012@textnow.me or just send a textmessage to that address n it should work fine off your phone as well.

I am going to try to update this as much as possible as we travel all around the south island of New Zealand and then travel to Cairns and Sydney–by ourselves I might add– in Australia. If you need me please email me at kef2012@gmail.com or even if you wanna say hi! Facebook is fine too, but email is better if you want a response because I will check it more than facebook! I will love and miss yall so have A FUN MONTH OF SUMMER while im in the COLD. HAHA… back to studying!


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