>Athens-Clarke County Commissioner Meeting-New Historic District for Milledge Avenue

>During the Athens-Clarke County agenda setting meeting on Thursday night, most of the debate between commissioners was about item number 15 on the agenda in regards to the recommendations for the Milledge Avenue Special District Overlay.

The proposed Historic District will affect sororities’ and fraternities’ currently on Milledge Avenue and those looking to move to Milledge Avenue in the future. Commissioners Kathy Hoard and George Maxwell have been working on passing this for almost two years now.

Commissioner David Lynn was in slight disagreement with Hoard about the changes she wanted to make in regards to the special use permits. If passed, it would make it easier for current residents of Milledge Avenue to make small changes to their houses, but harder for those moving onto Milledge Avenue to gain property. A detailed report can be seen attached to the agenda from the meeting, as well as a map of the historic district

The issue will be discussed further at the next meeting, as well as more debate during the public hearing set temporarily for April 6.


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