>Tennis Legend Dan Magill

>University of Georgia tennis legend Dan Magill, 89, said that beating the Japanese in World War II was his biggest accomplishment in his lifetime.

Magill is a man who has more accomplishments that any given person in their lifetime. He spent most of his time at the university growing up as a child, and then continuing his college education at UGA, creating Bulldog Clubs in all 159 counties in Georgia, as well as serving as the head tennis coach and creating the only tennis collegiate hall of fame in the world, leading him to ultimately have created the “Mecca of collegiate tennis.”

These accomplishments do not mean as much in his eyes as beating the Japs in World War II do. He described their victory as simple, but the pride in his voice had much more to say. Out of all of his life successes this is what really stuck him as the most important.

Magill still lives in Athens and he attends every home football game “My favorite sport now is kick-off in Sanford Stadium,” Magill said. He still enjoys playing tennis in his old age to stay fit and is best friends with tennis player John Isner’s mother, as she named their pet dog after Magill. Isner is Magill’s favorite player to watch, but Magill gave credit to Roger Federer as being the “best tennis player of all time.”


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